Educational charism

Educational charism Educational charism We, are Salesian Sisters, CONSECRATED WOMEN in the Church, who live in community and while interacting with others we express our radical love for Christ and SERVICE TO YOUNG PEOPLE in joyful simplicity. We nourish MISSIONARY OUTREACH that gives an apostolic dimension to our everyday lives. As members of the local Church WE EXPRESS OUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in the life and times of our area.

“We, Salesian Sisters, believe that today, our missionary passion is expressed in a conscious option for education as the way to Gospel citizenship. This requires that we be present to, and in solidarity with the young and the poor. It challenges us to courageously serve the cause of justice and peace and to bring about a more humane society, one that respects the dignity of each person. (Acts GC XXI)

With a foreseeing spirit of prevention
“In the steps of Don Bosco and of Mary Domenica Mazzarello we dedicate ourselves to those young people who are poorest, that is, to those who for various reasons have less possibilities of success and are therefore exposed to danger.
For Don Bosco, foresight in preventing, meant to educate, to develop ones ability to give meaning to life through positive experiences and to act coherently with decisions taken.
Foresight is to create educative relationships that would stimulate and sustain the interior strength of the young person and to guide him/her towards new stages of maturity, towards new experiences in the light of their Christian calling”.
(Acts GC XIX)

Our way of educating
Our traditional style of educating is evident in the way Mary Domenica Mazzarello lived out her educative mission by her example. Although this style of educating is not documented by her, it can be learned in the evidence of who she was and did.

One of the most important educational criteria was, for her, the priority that is to be given to the person: for it was through her fidelity to God’s plan, that she focused on drawing young people to a personal and unique encounter with Jesus. Her educative mission is realistic and concrete in the belief that work and education would lead to productivity. For her, to educate was the total giving of self in loving and joyful serenity that was contagious and consequently developed into a pedagogy of joy that reaches out to collaborate with others.


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