Charism Exhibition

Exhibition of the charism of the Institute By means of archival photographs, the exhibition of the charism of the Institute illustrates its first 125 years of history. It is set out to cover the period of the beginnings (a space for meditation) and then the periods marked by the government of successive Mothers General (a narrative space). Another part is reserved for the publications produced by and about the Institute and there is a second one devoted to aids that are helplful in getting the most out of the exhibition.
The symbol of water (blue windows, backgrounds, sounds...) allow one to imagine the history as a flowing river that ‘brings life’ through the various types of works accomplished in the different continents and at the different moments of history.
It is a first level of understanding reached above all through images and from which it is possible to delve deeper with different means of communication.

The exhibition is divided into four areas:

Entrance Central corridor Right-hand passage Left-hand passage

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