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At the heart of our mission as Salesian women, is our commitment to education. Every Salesian Sister is committed to entrust her life to God and to young people, while being open to the on going need to be qualified in acting for their benefit according contemporary demands.

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Committed to schools
, of every kind and level, they respond to the realistic demand for systematic education, formation in critical thinking and, in response to the reality of many nations, they offer the possibility to young people of the working class, to acquire the means of accessing cultural environments.

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In Europe, what are considered Courses in vocational training, take on a different slant in Africa, in Latin America and in Asia. However, they all express the specific attention given by Salesian education to the work environment and to the need that young people have to insert themselves into the workforce with the specific qualifications required by their social reality.

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The Oratory as a specific educative Salesian environment, values the treasured reality of young people. Their human development is the prime objective of oratorian activities in poorer countries, while in more industrialized environments there is a greater demand to reach out to young people in their free time. The demand of young people who search for the deeper meaning of life continues to be a great challenge in education.

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A response to children and young people at risk, has called for our attention. We find Family Cottages and Homes, boarding facilities, centres where young people are welcome and where a course of action is taking place to rehabilitate their precarious circumstances and situations of abandonment, leading them to healing their woundedness and to greater maturity in personal freedom.

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Education of the young woman
, is the chosen priority at the heart of education in various countries. This is expressed in the development of female cooperatives in mission centres and the recovery of young girls who in the suburbs of large cities are easily at the mercy of prostitution. These young women are helped to be inserted into the workforce and cultural initiatives. Support is given to young people to develop with greater consciousness, their ability to struggle for their dignity and for the expression of a culture that respects their identity as women.

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Spirituality Centres for young people
. These are environments where the younger generation can experience silence and a more prolonged and serene contact with nature and with the life-giving Word of God.

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