Statistical data

Some Statistics

Total Works & Activities Total
Formation houses 225
Spirituality centers 47
Retirement homes for  FMA      106
Pre-schools, primary and secondary schools      2057
Institutes for higher learning and university studies          45
Literacy schools/centers 128
Technical schools/ vocational courses 279
Administration/Coordination/Teaching in  non-FMA schools 632
After school activities    503
Resident schools and student/worker hostels 431
Headquarters of CIOFS/FP/COSPES 89
Centers for scholastic/professional guidance    39
Works for vocational guidance 152
Groups for study tours and tourism for youth   20
Liturgical animation and parish activities 1063
Oratories and youth centers      1087
Adult ministry   788
Salesian Family groups 1208
Catechetical groups       2755
Summer camps and various activities, vacation hostels 632
Activities for the advancement of women, migrants, and ethnic groups  1210
Group homes for girls and young women at risk 230
Outpatient clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries 62
Visits to families and villages 568
Development offices and Human Rights Offices 95
NGO headquarters, foundations, and mission procures 41
Service on the Diocesan and intercongregational levels 209
Radio/television stations/channels        5

(Report on the life of the Institute in the six-year period 2008-2014)

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