Significant milestones - 1900

1904 On 22nd January Laura Vicuña died at Junín de los Andes (Argentina). Her cause of canonization was opened in 1955.
1905 From 8th - 20th September the 5th General Chaper took place. The Constitutions were revised to bring them into harmony with the Normae secundum quas.
1907 Don Bosco was declared Venerable.
From 8th - 25th September the 6th General (Special) Chapter was held.
1908 7th February: canonical erection of the first 10 religious provinces.
19 March: thanks to Fr. Philip Rinaldi, the Past Pupils Association was formed at Turin.
26th March: death of Sr. Maddalena Morano at Catania (Italy). Her cause of canonization was opened in 1935.
1911 23rd June: Mother Mary Dominica Mazzarello's cause of canonization was introduced.
7th September: pontifical approval of the Institute with the Decretum Laudis.
1913 From 15th-23rd September the 7th General Chapter was held.
1922 Approval of the Constitutions brought in line with the norms of the Code of Canon Law.
From 8th - 18th September the 8th General Chapter took place.
First foundation in Asia: Tanjore (India).
1924 16th July: Sr. Luisa Vaschetti was elected superior general.
1928 From 31st August to 12th September the 9th General Chapter took place.
1929 2nd June: Don Bosco was declared Blessed.
6th December: the generalate of the Institute moved from Nizza Monferrato to Turin.
1934 1st April: Don Bosco was proclaimed a saint.
From 2nd to 7th July the 10th General Chapter was held.
1935 10th February: death of Sr. Eusebia Palomino Yenes at Valverde del Camino (Spain). Her cause of canonization was opened in 1982.
1936 3rd May: Pius XI declared Mother Mary Dominica Mazzarello 'Venerable'.
6th September: Sr. Amparo Carbonell Muñoz and Sr. Carmen Moreno Benítez were killed during the Spanish persecution.
1938 9th February: the mortal remains of Mother Mary Dominica Mazzarello were transferred from Nizza Monferrato to the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin.
20th November: Mother Mary Dominica Mazzarello was proclaimed 'Blessed'.
1943 21st September: Sr.Ermelinda Lucotti was appointed superior general.
1947 From 16th - 24th July the 11th General Chapter was held.
1951 24th June: Mother Mary Dominica Mazzarello, co-foundress of the Institute, was proclaimed a Saint.
15th August: the former boarding school was re-opened at Mornese.
30th August: death of Sr. Laura Meozzi in Poland. He cause of canonization was introduced in 1986.
1953 From 16th - 24th July the 12th General Chapter was held.
1954 19th November: first foundation in Australia.
1958 From 14th -24th September the 13th General Chapter took place. Sr. Angela Vespa was elected superior general.
1964 From 14th August -17th September the 14th General Chapter took place.
1969 From 16th January to 29th May the 15th General (Special) Chapter took place at Rome. Its purpose was the re-working of the Constitutions according to the directives of Vatican II. Sr. Ersilia Canta was elected superior general.
25th August: death of Sr. Maria Troncatti at Sucúa (Ecuador). Her cause of canonization was introduced in 1986.
11th October: the generalate of the Institute moved from Turin to Rome.
1970 27th June: the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences was canonically erected in Turin.
1975 From 11th April - 28th July the 16th General Chapter took place.
1977 7th July: death of Sr. Maria Romero Meneses at León (Nicaragua). Her cause of canonization was introduced in 1988.
1981 From 15th September - 27th February 1982 the 17th General Chapter took place. It gave a final revision to the draft Constitutions. Sr. Rosetta Marchese was elected superior general.
1982 24th June: the Constitutions, renewed according to the directives of Vatican II, were approved by decree of the Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes (SCRIS).
12th July: Sr. Teresa Valsé Pantellini was declared 'Venerable'.
1984 From 24th August - 29th September the 18th General Chapter was held. Sr. Marinella Castagno was elected superior general.
1986 5th June: Laura Vicuña was declared 'Venerable'.
1988 1988 1st September: Sr. Maddalena Morano was declared 'Venerable'.
3rd September: Laura Vicuña was proclaimed 'Blessed' at Colle Don Bosco, Turin.
1990 From 19th September - 17th November the 19th General Chapter took place.
1994 5th November: Sr. Maddalena Morano was proclaimed 'Blessed' at. Catania (Italy)
1996 From 18th September - 15th November the 20th General Chapter took place. Sr. Antonia Colombo was elected superior general.
17th December: Sr. Eusebia Palomino was declared 'Venerable'.

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