MExhibition of the charism of the Institute - Entrance Entrance     Central corridor     Right-hand passage     Left-hand passage

In the entrance lobby there is a picture which acts as the theme and key to understanding the history of the FMA Institute : a picture of water.
It symbolises the charism: a living, dynamic reality because it is always springing from the Source that feeds it so that it may flow throughout the world. It is also the image of the river of history in which we are immersed; it’s the symbol of fruitfulness and expansion.
The charism, then, is not a static, immobile reality but an experience that envelopes us and demands the contribution of each and every FMA in order to be realized in time.

Panel at the entrance with the symbol of water Peruvian carpets donated to Mother General Coat of arms of the Institute in embroidery and art work
The charism has been conceived and continues throughout time with three basic dimensions:
- Marian dimension
- Community dimension
- Dimension of the education of young women

The history of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA, Salesian Sisters), therefore, can be perceived through the symbolism of flowing water which runs as a leitmotif through the whole exhibition It is expressed in sound and colours and through other means which in one way or another recall the theme.

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