Corridor center

Exhibition of the charism of the Institute - Central corridor Entrance     Central corridor     Right-hand passage     Left-hand passage

This corridor which is narrower than the other two has been conceived as a space for meditation, it serves to illustrate the orgins of the Institute: from Mary Help of Christians, the theological source, to Mornese, the historical source. In the space reserved for Mary Help of Christians the identity of the FMA Institute is expressed in the very words of Don Bosco. At the feet of the Blessed Virgin there is a reminder of the symbol of water: the history of the FMA charism begins precisely here.

Mary Help of Christians, the inspirer of the Institute Central passage- the beginning of the story Introduction to the corridor
Introduction to the corridor Don Bosco, Founder of the Institute Mother Mazzarello, Co-foundress of the Institute
Mary D. Mazzarello’s youth Mary D. Mazzarello’s youth The little window of  the Valponasca, a figure of the FMA charism
Don Bosco’s motto shared by the FMA Some aspects of the first foundation at Mornese The first missionary expedition
The second and third missionary expeditions The Mother House at Nizza Monferrato Memorial of the death of Mother Mazzarello
Symbolic image of Mornese as the ‘source’ Symbolic image of Mornese as the ‘source’ Background of Mornese; the spring

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