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Beyond the Rule: Love

Beyond the Rule: Love 2006 presents itself as being special for us, FMA. It is a year open to newness. From January 1st on, we will be involved in the triennial verifications, preceded by a long period of personal and community preparation. Each one of us is called to confront herself on her ongoing journey with regard to the guidelines of GC XXI.
It is also a year of newness for our magazine, DMA, our silent partner in the process of self-formation.
There are new graphic designs ,a new set-up and many new columns.
DMA will accompany the journey of the verificas with the offering of springboards for the deepening of the study of our Rule of Life.
In particular, the Dossier will be an open space for interviews, testimonies, ideas to celebrate and live the Constitutions in the reality of everyday life.
The Editorial Office wants to help to deepen our study of the project of Salesian Sanctity, to rediscover that beyond the Rule there is love, and in love one becomes free to join the passion of Christ and the passion for humanity,
The Dossiers will follow on a path which, from the problematic (what are our attitudes in confronting the Constitutions?) leading to the historical foundation (the dream of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello), passing on to the heart of our rule of life (a life perfumed with the Gospel) but also through reflecting together on the presence of Mary in the Institute and in every FMA, and on the educational mission.
The set-up of the magazine foresees four inner covers that will introduce an equal number of thematic nuclei and various columns, a few of which are new.
With attention to the world reality today, especially that of the young people, the column Dialogue faces the theme of inter-religion and ecumenism.
The Point will place us before actual problems such as relativism, emigration, and terrorism, while the column Life will focus our attention on the theme of the family, with the problems that are so relevant today.
A new mentality is emerging in the Institute in facing an alternative form of economy.
Another Economy allows for a journey of clarification and motivates the commitment to self-limitation, of austerity in solidarity, of the micro-economies for development, of the gratuity of time.
The column Women’s Voices offers the testimonies and witness of committed feminine figures on the forefront of peace, reconciliation, and the affirmation of their own dignity in the face of a culture of violence.
“It is newness”, said Mother General at the conclusion of GC XXI, “
CG XXI – “to commit ourselves to persevere in the choice of journeys dictated by priorities, not by urgencies” (cfr Acts of GC XXI, p. 109).
This is the choice of this Magazine. It is a contribution so that a new breeze, fresh air may enter strongly into each of our communities.

Giuseppina Teruggi

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