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Time for a clear Identity

Time for a clear Identity During these early months of the year, one of the texts most in view in our community meeting places of prayer and work is certainly the encyclical of Benedict XVI, Deus caritas est . It is a long awaited message, and therefore we receive it with joy and gratitude.
There were many comments in the international press, and they were usually positive. This headline appeared in the London Times: Pope Benedict gives body and soul to a declaration on love.” In Le Figaro we read: “The Pope re-launches the action of the Church in the world, placing charity and love at the center.” The New York Times spoke of an “ …erudite meditation on love and charity by the Holy Father”.
In an interview in the magazine Famiglia Christiana at the end of January, Bishop Angelo Amato said: “I read in the newspapers that we are not dealing with a ‘program' encyclical. I disagree. In reality, with this theme the Holy Father enters into the central program of Christianity. Christianity is the religion of charity, not of law. Benedict XVI explains the essential nucleus of Christianity”.
In the encyclical there is an evident handing over of a substantial identity of God and on the mission entrusted to believers. “ The Church participates passionately in the fight for justice”, wrote the Holy Father in his presentation of this encyclical, “ but justice can never render love superfluous. In our world, frequently so dark, the light of God shines forth in this love”.
Today more than ever, we FMA are called to express clearly the identity of women who know how to incarnate the face of God-love into everyday life. The commitment to deepen our study of the Rule of Life today can find in the encyclical one of the most authoritative sources to support our ongoing journey.
We feel encouraged to revitalize our spiritual experience, to be an epiphany of the love of God in the world, and to show “ the concrete traces that the Trinity leaves in history”, as is suggested in the post-synodal apostolic exhortation Vita Consecrata.
This is Don Bosco's dream for us. It is what he left in his spiritual testament where he indicated the way of love to us. It was the same way of sanctity traveled by Mary Domenica and the Sisters in Mornese.
It is said that when abba Isaac was dying, the elders gathered around him and asked: “ What will we do without you, father?” He responded: “You will see how I walked before you. If you, too, so desire, you will follow and guard the commandments of God, and He will send you His grace and will safeguard this place. We, too, were sad when our fathers were dying, but in safeguarding the commandments of the Lord and their admonitions, we were able to remain and live here, as though they were still in our midst. Do this also and you will be saved.”
Giuseppina Teruggi

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