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Prophets of Joy

Prophets of Joy

"As FMA we feel the joy of following Jesus in order, together with young people, prophetic sign on the horizon of a renewed missionary identity"(CG23,69).

We need to be prophets of joy in our communities and among the people, to grasp the real needs and provide warmth and hope in the “existential peripheries”. This is the strong appeal not to stop in narrow-minded lamentations or those pathways that do not render justice to human beings, in the cramped borders of the “we have always done so” that dampens the breath of the Spirit, and confines it within the listless certainties of routine. Broaden your view, train your eyes and heart, according to God.

This is the invitation for everyone to walk with those who are the most abandoned and distant; scrutinizing new horizons for recognizing together the signs of God and answer wih evangelical choices; making the exodus to the “peripheries”, which are the theological places where God manifests Himself, and to dwell there, not only occasionally, but to turn them into vital spaces.

Wake up the world this is a challenge that calls us to “roll up our sleeves”, and to make daring prophetic gestures. To capture the wonder and charismatic passion that characterize life lived for the poor, alongside wounded humanity, treating it with the oil of welcome and of mercy.

Standing with the least means having the courage to make our communities cenacles, where we share the bread of suffering, of doubt, of seeking the wine of joy, friendship, and celebration.

They are to be communities that are places of prayer, encounter, and dialogue, in order to live those peripheries where peace, justice, and equality are lacking.

Taking on a prophetic role, being capable of daring before the spread of violence, war, abuse, and violated rights; siding with the weak, being on the forefront, and having the courage to take a stand, so that they may recognize the rights and dignity of every person, everywhere.

Transforming the experience prophetic, changing every moment of human life into an experience that goes beyond what is hurt and upset; inhabiting the home, “dirtying” ourselves with the lives of others and witnessing to the hope of beginning again, the joy starting out anew.

Dreams, hopes, struggles are the words to guide our choices, questioning our lifestyles, discerning our actions for the missionary urgency of the Gospel, transfiguring our realities, and not losing the most important Good.


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