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Together A weeklong stay in Cesuna, a mountain village at 1000 meters of altitude, surrounded by vast fields of pine trees and with a panorama of the Venetian Dolomites…For a few years now the editorial group of the DMA has met here for a time of evaluation and programming. The community environment and the climate of the group have provided the best support for the research and meeting. Even the meetings of August, 2006 demonstrated intense reflection and work. What guided the group was the desire to make the Magazine more alive, propositive, a discreet companion that would also be capable of guiding the formative journey of the FMA. This, in fact, is the identity of our periodical.

During the August meeting we allowed ourselves to be surprised by a dream, that we expressed through this wish: that the DMA magazine become an open space also for the laity, for those with whom we share the mission. In many of our houses there is an ongoing maturity of the conviction that we are called to form ourselves together, as an educating community, according to what is specific in our respective vocations. We saw this in the evaluation meetings of last year. We observed it in the province programming that was sent to us. We frequently say that the charism received is not exclusively ours; it is to be widely shared.

The formative proposal of the Magazine during 2007 follows the line of the preceding year. The deep study of the Constitutions in view of the educational mission, with our glance fixed on life in its everyday aspects. The Guidelines of the Educational Mission constitutes the mediation that accompanies this process of study, especially through the Dossier.

Our formative journey as educators could draw from the new article on Mary inspired by the Scriptures and the Constitutions, and by the article The Lamp, a study of the fundamental themes of our Spirituality. In the section Outskirts you will find proposed themes on information and the news.

The celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Project Africa that occurs this year, allows us to enter into the heart of this beloved land with a special section. The article Underground World will deal with stories of exploitation and slavery, especially of women and children. And in Goal 2015 we question to what degree the world society is operatively assuming the commitment asked by the Development Objectives of the Millennium.

It is a new year…may it be concretely one of a formative journey of quality and depth…together.
This is the wish of the Editorial department.

Giuseppina Teruggi

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