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Even DMA is a Sign of Love

DMA is Also a Sign of Love Our magazine continues its bi-monthly appointment, attentive to notable events that will accompany this year. The General Chapters of the SDB and FMA will beat time with the life of the two Congregations for an inculturated fidelity to the Charism today. The Synod of Bishops on the theme “The Word of God in the life and mission of the Church” constitutes an occasion for re-launching, especially for us as consecrated women, to meet, pray, and live the Word.
An international event of great significance is the World Youth Day that will be held in Sydney (Australia). The eyes of people, especially the young, are focused on the Olympics to be held in the People’s Republic of China.
We often say that we are living in a favorable time, aware of the opportunities offered by our time, even though we note the many signs of destruction present in this historical transition.

The Magazine is attentive to today’s context and, through the Dossier, seeks to offer reasons for reflection on the five frontiers of the mission - the woman, migrants, ecology, the laity, interreligious dialogue-that question consecrated life. And they challenge us as bearers of an educational charism. Last May, the International Assembly of Superiors General (UISG) identified these 5 nuclei as so many threads to “weave a new spirituality that generates hope and life for humanity”. In line with the Chapter theme, the Dossier has as a horizon the reality of “to love and feel oneself loved”, and as a transversal line, everyday spirituality, the cry for meaning from the young people, the evangelical counsels, and the view of hope.

This year, DMA hosts new articles that touch today’s themes. Human Rights and Consecrated Lifeseeks to focus on how that same consecrated life is called to the commitment to the defense and advancement of human rights. The pace of the Lectio, in correspondence with a few of the year’s liturgical times, contributes toward facilitating the passage of the Gospel to life.
Polis (the city-state form of government) is a study article on political themes of a general character: democracy, civil participation and responsibility, the common good, critical conscience. Cooperation and Development will seek to explore the reality of international cooperation and to present a few projects carried out in FMA communities. The Communication section is enriched by articles that seek to help understand some emerging phenomena. Youngpeople.com allows us to be introduced to actual realities such as Second Life, YouTube, Cyber Bullying, and Blogs. The Bookshelf offers a review of Internet sites inherent to the main themes offered by the Dossier. Photo-Click gathers the witness of young people from photos which they themselves have taken. Simply stated, our Magazine also wants to be a sign of love for each FMA, for each young person, for the whole educating community. May we continue to communicate this language effectively.


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