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Those who love…

Those who love… The choice of living the spirituality of communion, a priority from GCXXII, finds continuity in the theme of love to which we are all called to be a sign and expression, and which flows from the personal and community journeys of these years.  “Love grows through loving” said Benedict XVI. It is necessary, therefore, to express it in everyday, ordinary gestures, which are the signs truly understood by people.
A convincing sign is that of living together in the style of an “open cenacle”, in a welcoming house, a space where humanity grows, and a place where a continual conversion to love is activated.
This issue of the magazine has as its aim  to reaffirm that love is the greatest of all. From the dossier to the various articles there is spelled out the reality of love, dealing with a few components, almost as though to complete in our present time that Hymn of Charity in which the Apostle Paul offered the fundamental word in the letter to the Christians of Corinth.

Those who love cultivate hope that resists delusions, difficulties, and failure.  They do so with a resilient capacity that not only trains them the resist what is adverse, but shows a trusting attitude in facing life and history.
Those who love seek unity and do not tolerate division. It is often the little ones who remind us, like Fatima, an 11 year old child who writes: 
“In the city where I live there are people from all over...I want to have a world where each person can live according to personal principles, respecting others, a world in which poverty disappears.”
Those who love choose solidarity. Even as an Institute we insist much today on the choice for economic solidarity, where at the center we do not find a preoccupation with what is useful or profitable, but rather the person, abundant life for all, life according to the Gospel.
Those who love live mission as service. In this issue of DMA we speak especially of a relationship of those who have the mandate of authority, called in the first place to promote the dignity of the person in esteem, trust, and charity. 
Those who love know how to listen. Listening is a precious ability.  It allows one to stand in the shoes of others, it places us in an attitude of acceptance without prejudice, and it prefers availability.  Listening is a dimension of the heart.
Those who love carry out good communication, even through old and new technologies that could become means of “new relationships and promote a culture of respect, dialogue, and friendship.” (Message for World Day of Social Communications, 2009).


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