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Spending time with…

Spending time with... “When I have a strong experience of dialogue with God in prayer, especially  in the Eucharist, I feel a renewed strength to talk with and treat  the people with whom I live with kindness and openness.”  This is what a Sister said to me just a few days ago.

An in-depth meeting - we are all convinced - is at the root of all our interpersonal relationships; it is the premise, the condition for the actual meeting with people at various levels.
In terms of education, where the price of a meeting also often involves knowing how to grow emotionally, one must make difficult decisions when the greater good requires it.  The meeting becomes closeness, welcome, tolerance, firmness, and hospitality.
In terms of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, it is the way to heal the wounds of a”torn world.”
In regard to nature, in a relationship of respect, it is increased resources, including the maintaining of a “Sustainable agriculture”.

The space of virtual relationship is lived with increasing frequency by young people. This should not diminish the human relationship.
True encounters do not need many words. There is a dialogue of life that is expressed in acting together, in the communion of gestures, in the fruitfulness of sign. We have the certainty that it will be authentic encounter if it is nourished in the encounter with the One who gives profound meaning to all other meetings.
Sister Maria Pia Giudici states this in a poetic form entitled: Being with

“Being with you / like a branch with and in the vine
Being with you / like the little bud on a tall tree
Being with you / like the top of the tree against the blue sky
as it casts roots in the land
that feeds it.
Being with you / as the beloved
One who loves you.
Being with You
in the primacy of contemplation
casting aside all alleged emergencies
of noise.
Being with You
learning the deep silence of the heart
where your words
mean having space and voice
to be proclaimed.
Being with you,
is the source of life,
because the Word,
is like limpid rivers in us
and we flow
newly full of Love
to reach the hearts of young people.
O Master Bridegroom Lord,
staying  with you
is the secret that saves
the future of the world.”


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