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Remembering – Living the Prophecy

Remembering – Living the Prophecy

I have the joy of introducing a theme that I hold particularly dear in my heart. Remembering and prophecy is the theme that Da Mihi Animas intends to propose for the year 2012. Remembering speaks of roots, of origins. For us they are the charismatic origins. Life grows on the past and is a mix of newness, challenges, and unexpected opportunities. Being faithful to
the origins means re-enacting the charism, giving color to the designs sketched out by Don Bosco and re-finished in the feminine aspects by Mother Mazzarello.

Remembering is a eucharistic attitude. Jesus entrusts to memory the celebration of His mystery of death-resurrection in the expectation of His coming.

No future without roots. Today young people seem to have lost the sense of remembering, and the need to situate themselves in the journey of preceding generations has been mislaid.
They live as though they have been somewhat uprooted and suspended, and this makes them restless, uncertain in assuming commitments for the future. It is also a situation that could touch our communities. If we distance ourselves from the source we no longer succeed in placing ourselves in the genealogy of persons who have built the present. Building well today means preparing the future of young people.

Living the prophecy means being faithful to God who accompanies us throughout time, means a remembrance that is projected into the future, obedience in the love that becomes listening to persons, events, situations that continue to challenge us. Prophecy has been present from the time of our origins. Adaptation, evolving, looking forward is not only an imperative of our time. It is the story of every human life that is not content to be repetitive, but seeks to grasp the newness of the events that God, through circumstances, designs for it.

This year we will celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Institute and in the remembrance there emerges its journey of sanctity that is creative fidelity. How many changes Maria Domenica had to face during her lifetime! She was able to do so because she revolved around a center so as to unify the different experiences: the mysterious call-I
entrust them to you-was the organizing principle that illumined the meaning and change and facilitated their harmonious integration.

Even today we are called to be faithful to the history, to a past of sanctity that is the premise for a future rich in hope. To dialogue, listen, plan, narrate, become impassioned anew: these are the verbs that with humility and daring we want to conjugate in today’s story that is given to us to live. The pages of DMA will help us to do so.

Mother Yvonne Reungoat

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