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It is enough that you are young …

It is enough that you are young …

We have a special fondness for young people and to them we dedicate our resources, energies, our very life. From the early years of our formation we are confronted with Don Bosco and Maria Mazzarello who made young people the object of their mission. We were so
infected by their passion for education that it was uppermost in our thoughts and often constituted the cause of our chagrin. We learned that it was enough for them to be young that we loved them, cared for them and considered them to be a valuable resource for society and the Church. “I feel at home with you”, said Don Bosco. “I entrust them to you” Maria Domenica heard our Lady say at Borgoalto.

In every part of the world the younger generations are not going through an easy time. These are very different times than those of the past. In this era of new digital technologies and endless discoveries, young people find themselves faced with a significant amount of opportunities. They frequently find themselves confused and disoriented alongside models that have no values, no ideals. These are the young people whom we want to show by our life and presence, with a love made visible, that we are on their side, that we have at heart
their present and future, that we understand the desires and hardships that beset them.

It is easy to catch negative, heavy phrases in the conversations of people on young people: “Young people today are being brought up
badly, they have no respect for the elderly. I don't see any hope for the future of our country if the young people of today will be in positions to govern tomorrow. Today's young people are rude and lazy. They will never be able to maintain our culture." These are not words overheard during our last bus ride, but are rather inscriptions that report the saying of Socrates (470 B.C.), Hesiod (720 B.C.), and the citizens of ancient Babylon (2500 B.C.).

Seeing the young people as a problem is commonplace. We know that their discomfort is related to the discomfort of adults. For this reason we speak of an“educational emergency”. We are asked, as educators, to take the first step, even when they turn away or are indifferent and provoke us.

The young people...our mssion. We look to them with hope, we seek them out, we strive to get to know their lives, even though they may be indecipherable. This is evangelical life. It is the charism that we have received as a gift.


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