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Main, The House of Happiness

Main, The House of Happiness

On May 9, 1837, Maria Domenica Mazzarello was born in Mornese, Monferrato. At 35 years of age, along with a group of young women, she became a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians. On May 14, 1881, At Nizza Monferrato, God called her to Himself.

This is the story of an extraordinary plan, a courageous project that arose as a response to a need for the life and hope of young people. We have now arrived at the goal previously announced by la Madre and her General Council and long awaited by the FMA and the educating communities around the world: the production of a new film on the figure of Mother Maria Domenica Mazzarello. Our own Sr. Caterina Cangià wrote the script and accompanied the entire production. As expected, the DVD release will take place on August 5th, a date that marks the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute.

The film, of about 100 minutes, is a costume drama that tells the story of Maria Domenica, her times, her land, her life, and her charism. It is a continuation of her history to this day, directed toward everyone because it is a clear, relevant reading of information, formation, and emotion.

To the question “What does this project mean for us, today, on the part of a religious Institute, in the face of so many other urgencies?”, Sr. Caterina emphasizes that it was a choice based on the love for Maria Domenica and the desire to make her known and loved. The request for a new film came from the Sisters and the educating communities. It is urgent that we communicate and show, through a language understood by all, that of cinema, that we safeguard an extraordinary charism to be transformed into today’s world.The key to reading the film lies in three words that are also a life commitment: love, relationships, educational passion.

Love for Jesus, for family, for friends, for nature. All is done for love; all is lived in love.

Relationships are built on dialogue, understanding, and attention to others in little ways. These are lived in simplicity, in the fabric of the everyday on which formation and education are built. They are, primarily, the result of a great, joyful relationship, that with Jesus!

Educating passion, because the young people are always “present”. All is done for them, so that they may learn a trade, not meet with dangers, have fun, are cheerful, so that they may grow under the glance of Mary, the mother who takes to heart their welfare above all else.

Sanctity, the film tells us, is possible, it is ordinary, it is the source of happiness, and we can live it and make it shine around us as we walk in the furrow of a charism.


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