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Living for the Gospel

Living for the Gospel

… because it is the root that nourishes our growth, and because everything in the Christian life is aimed at the Gospel. Living for the Gospel has reason and final value. It is the passion that burns in our hearts and gives dynamism to actions. It is the light that illumines our gaze toward the future. We are drawing close to the celebration of the Thirteenth General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops (Rome, October 7-8). It is an opportunity to intensity our prayer and to study the theme: “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith”.

Benedict XVI has desired to interweave the event of the Synod with the beginning of the Year of Faith. In meeting with the Bishops of the CEI in May, he justified the coincidence: “ The old and new mission that lies before us is that of introducing the men and women of our times to a relationship with God, helping them to open their minds and hearts to the God who seeks them, and wants to be close to them, guiding them to understand that doing His will is not a limit to their freedom, but makes them truly free [...]. God is the guarantor, not the competitor; He is our happiness, where the Gospel enters, and therefore it is a sign of friendship with Christ, where mankind experiences being the object of a love that cleanses, warms, renews, and makes us capable of loving and serving.”

The Holy Father explained that the Year of Faith will foster “a more profound awareness of the truths that are the lifeblood of our lives” in order to lead today’s person to an encounter with Jesus Christ.

The New Evangelization is, in reality, a renewed encounter with the living Jesus!

In Circular 922 la Madre offers us guidelines so that we may not pass indifferently when faced with such a vital moment in the Church, and she invites us to “reflect on this event...as an urgent call to keep alive the way of holiness, and to encourage ourselves to find new frontiers for the spreading of the Gospel”.

In this issue of the Magazine we speak of Evangelization with passion and joy .We share experiences of life and faith with simplicity, feeling that we have been actively involved in the ecclesial journey as Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello would have been, because of which “evangelizing is not indoctrinating, but rather witnessing, through work and action, to a practical love for God and young people”.

On June 1, Sr. Maria Rampini died. She was the editor of DMA for many years. We remember her with gratitude...she was a woman who lived for the Gospel.


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