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Women for Communion

Women for Communion

"How beautiful it is, Lord, to be together and to love one another as you love me", we sing in our liturgical assemblies. We know that the beauty of living together can be rhetorical if it does not refer to the gospel
mandate “Love one another as I love you". In real life, it may happen that we have doubts about the "joy of community life". We express them in sharing among ourselves, in the confidences we exchange, in the evaluation of our projects in extolling idealized visions far from real hardships and difficulties.

Last May we received a beautiful letter from Mother Yvonne with the attractive title: “The treasure of the family spirit”. It would be good to re-read it and to reflect upon it. It fills the mind with good ideas, and the heart
with positive sentiments. It also regenerates energies and re-launches gestures of trust.

This issue of the Magazine comforts us with the experience of being together between the ideal and the real. It proposes the theme of interpersonal relationships not made up of dreams or desires, but of concrete needs,
and especially of gospel references. Esther was a Woman of the Gospel, a Christian in Nigeria who knew how to establish communion with a Muslim colleague for a shared peace project. “For the first time I began to find common aspects between us...we are human persons...We hold in our hearts pain and struggle. This has helped
me to overcome prejudices.”

Being together gives us strength to build peace if we know how “to educate ourselves to compassion, solidarity, and collaboration; to active participation in community life”. Peace is a gift of communion to be cultivated in our hearts, we need to work together to create it in the environment in which we find ourselves.

It is always possible to begin again to live authentic community relationships. “Tell the truth to those around you”, says the biblical selection from Zacharias. It is essential to cultivate reciprocal trust. “Each day, we are
called to personally choose that which will empower the climate of family”.

We are called to build “an open environment, careful to offer a wide range of significant proposals”.

This was Don Boaco’s dream, expressed on the occasion of Mother Mazzarello’s reelection as Superior: “I pray that God will infuse into all the spirit of charity and fervor so that this, our humble congregation, will grow in number and expand to others and then to the most remote countries”.


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