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Faith that is Believable

Faith that is Believable

We are about to conclude an event-filled year with its combination of hope and preoccupation on a global level.  And a “year of faith” has just begun, one that Benedict XVI hopes will arouse “in every believer the aspiration to profess the faith in fullness and with renewed conviction”.

DMA offers some reflections on the urgency of giving depth and credibility to the faith today. "Even we, consecrated women, sometimes run the risk of remaining on the margins, becoming accomplices in that attitude separating faith from life and real problems," we read in one of the entries. The new evangelization calls for a journey of faith that restores enthusiasm to the relationship with the Lord Jesus, the center of a believer’s experience, the all-encompassing reference point in consecrated life. It is a relationship that inevitably opens us to others, and to the educative service of young people. A concrete commitment to the cause of person is required of us, because "a faith that does not make history is an empty faith, it is a falsification of the inexhaustible gift of God who wants to meet the human person to free him/her, and to rebuild a new life, in ordinary situations ".

We are called to be "in the world without being of the world", to enter into the heart of the problems and changes in society. The Council indicates this to us in Gaudium et Spes when it urges Christians to "be aware of their vocation within the political community," and to "set an example by developing in themselves a sense of responsibility and dedication to the common good".

The article Encounters highlights this in the life of Maria Domenica Mazzarello who “felt in herself a strong desire to do good for girls, and an inner voice telling her to gather them, to instruct them in religion, teaching them to flee from sin, and to practice virtue.”  It is important to rediscover in the Founders and re-activate today the total and exclusive belonging to the God of love, the faith in His presence and closeness to us that makes us attentive and active in our gestures of love toward others.

From a survey among young people we see that what attracts and convinces them is the climate of the family spirit, friendliness, listening, and relationship with educators who teach them to pray.  It is an environment where, through real models, one favors a way of being alternative to today’s dominant logic, that of the Gospel where one lives forgiveness, solidarity, responsibility, and a sense of mystery.

Our tradition and the witness of many Sisters of yesterday and today are proof that credible faith is embodied in life: it is an entrustment of charismatic hope for tomorrow.


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