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In the Heart of the Word

In the Heart of the Word

This issue of the magazine is dedicated to the Word made language, communication in human categories of relationship and communion, of listening, silence, gestures. Especially since Vatican II, the Word entered into the journeys of believers, stirred to study it deeply and communicate it with their life, with coherence. Only by entering into the heart of the Word can one make it a way for evangelization, the proclamation of the Good News that brings disturbs us and brings hope.

DMA helps us to reflect on journeys that make the communication of the Word efficacious for a new evangelization. Above all as is stated in the Dossier, authenticity, transparency, simplicity, the capacity for listening and for silence. Listening to the Word, in particular, must be joined with listening to reality and to every person in that which they express with their life, with coherence. Silence is an integral part of communication, and is an efficacious strategy for evangelization and a condition for meaningful content. It is a condition for silencing moralistic superficiality, destructive judgment, and competition, all dangerous deterrents for the efficacy of the Word.

The Word and words imply a communication that questions itself on “how” to be credible today, in a time of impatience with the many words that don’t say anything, even when they seem to be captivating and creative. At this historic time this “how” is made visible by witnesses such as the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. Their gestures “speak” provoking interest, and not only in believers.

The prophecy of Benedict is expressed in the usual story of a wise evangelical service and total dedication to the Church, during the years of his Pontificate and in everyday life. This sign of pure service was the courageous, free choice of the of renouncing being the Successor of Peter, expressing his reasons with clarity.

Pope Francis is the prophet sent by God, a shepherd with the heart of Christ and, like Him, guardian of the weakest, the poor , and those who are frequently on the margins of the heart. A witness who is embodying poverty as gratuitousness, defense of the least, the capacity of communicating with all. His words are few, clear, efficacious, and go directly to the heart, sustaining the commitment of believers to walk, build, confess, in a courageous style, with tenderness and mercy. The words of Pope Francis are messages of joy, but never disassociated from the Cross. They attract people of every age and condition, women and young people to whom the Holy Father says: “My dear young people, do not let anyone steal hope from you.”

These are today’s witnesses, credible because they have entered into the heart of the Word.


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