Rivista DMA

60 Years of Life for DMA

60 Years of Life for DMA

“Tradition is a living reality; it therefore includes the in itself principles of development and progress. It is like saying that the river of tradition always carries within itself the source, and tends toward a source”, as noted by the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Preserving personal history and that of one’s family means assuming it, appreciating it, deepening it, making it alive and entrusting it to the future. This is to be done in complete fidelity because one’s glance is always directed toward the source. In the furrow of the memory of a gift gratuitously received and to be “preserved” with love, this issue of the DMA Magazine is accompanied by another publication entitled:”Communication in the History of the FMA Institute”. As the Social Communications Sector we have chosen to share a piece of our history to celebrate the 60 years of life of the Magazine, born of the intentions of supporting the educational journey and catechetical action of the FMA and published for the first year during 1952-53 at Milan. Today DMA carries out the task of mediating the guidelines of the General Council and as helping the Sisters in the process of self-formation. It commits itself to deepen the themes of the General Chapters in constant attention to the reality of the Church and the world.

It is a formative means that offers the opportunity of entering into a communicative network, and is a mediation for communications that is inserted into the course of the history of an Institute-such as ours-that is essentially educational and communicative. For this reason we believe it will be a welcome gift for all the educating Communities, in particular the FMA, with the intention of once again traveling the ways of journey already completed with attention in time while looking toward the future. It is a journey of a history that had it sources in Valdocco and at Mornese. The text seeks to be a thank you to the many Sisters who during these 60 years have accompanied the rise, growth and qualification of the Magazine.

We could say that DMA is a feminine, Marian Magazine. We, women who are consecrated for the mission, wanted by Don Bosco as “Daughters of Mary Help of Christians”, are today living a favorable time that allows us to penetrate and deepen the sense of our Marian tradition and the charismatic identity, of which Mary is the “mirror”. The Marian Congress that the Institute will celebrate in Rome during the month of September on the theme “Filialness: a category that challenges the Marian identity of the FMA”, inserts us in a living way into the river of the long Salesian tradition and opens us to a new perspective on the future, for a renewed awareness of the charism received as a gift.


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