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A Little Piece of History

A Little Piece of History

To those who asked Don Bosco what dream he cultivated for young people the Saint unhesitatingly answered “I want to see them happy in time and in eternity”. And he related goodness with happiness, and with the ability for gift in order to build a small piece of history. He himself was the example through his gestures and everyday choices.

The Sisters and girls of the colegio of Mornese and Nizza felt that they had in Mother Mazzarello a true “mother, one who was caring, tender and intuitive.

Because of her capacity for “gift”, Mother Angela Vallese-whose centenary of death will be celebrated in August-was defined as the “good mother” with a great heart, attentive glance, and enterprising hands. Good because she was fascinated by God’s goodness, feeling herself loved, open to Him in a gift of self that was imbued with gestures that reached the point of being heroic. She was a woman of the Gospel who preferred the poor, the excluded, those relegated to the margins at the “end of the earth” in southern Patagonia.

In Salesian spirituality and education, goodness and capacity for gift are interchangeable, inseparable dimensions. They constitute the premise to maturing healthy and happy relational attitudes to make the community environment a place of humanizing relationships.

The articles of this issue of the Magazine lead us to reflect on these typical aspects of the Salesian charism, beginning from the consideration that practical life is the relentless place for the gift received and offered, of which the woman in particular knows how to be a protagonist. John Paul II spoke of the “feminine genius” precisely in reference to this trait of her identity.

Truly, what is of value and remains in life? What convinces the young people and those not so young? Above all, it is the witness of people with a good heart, those ready to give, to the point of forgetting self for others.

“Life is a gift linked to a breath/and the one who feels alive should be thankful” said Renato Zero in one of his songs dedicated to John Paul II. And he continued: “The good…is a gift that one must accept and share and then to give back”, because all of life is a gift that needs to be reciprocated. It is in the nature of gift to guide to sharing, to being open to the Other and to others. We need to know how to invest the gifts, and talents that we have received without keeping them for ourselves.

Life is a workroom where one learns each day to love and give, to form relationships that are at times happy and tranquil, and at times challenging and difficult. Life is truly the art of loving, of giving self, of learning each day. All of life is a gift: every encounter, every smile, and every event. A new day is a unique opportunity to become that which we are: love that gives, and in giving of self experiences the happiness of transforming a little piece of history.


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