The American Provinces The American Provinces
In 1877 the Institute crossed the oceans to America with its first missionary expedition Montevideo in Uruguay. It was indeed an extraordinary achievement at such a short time since the foundation (1872)
In America, today, there are 32 provinces of religious in 23 nations

  • ABA - ARGENTINA-Buenos Aires
    The ‘St. Francis de Sales’ province with its central house in Buenos Aires was canonically erected on 7th February 1908 and at the beginning the Sisters were engaged in catechesis, oratories and looking after the domestic arrangements of the Salesian communities. They then opened a primary and a secondary school, and a teacher training institute. It should be noted that the latter was the first private establishment of higher education to gain State recognition in the Repubulic. In 1925 the province of ‘St. Francis Xavier’ was canonically erected at Bahía Blanca followed in 1946 by that of ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’ at Córdoba. In 1947 five communities of southern Patagonia which had belonged to the Magellan province of Chile were joined to the Buenos Aires province: Rio Grande, Rio Gallegos, Puerto Santa Cruz, Puerto San Julian and Puerto Deseado.

    Casa María Auxiliadora
    Calle don Bosco, 3950
    Gorriti 66
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  • ABB - ARGENTINA-Bahía Blanca
    The province of ‘St Francis Xavier’ in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, was canonically erected on February 16, 1925.
    By 1925, due to the expansion of presences and the growing number of Sisters, the distances had become too great for the service of accompaniment. Consequently, the 11 Houses in Patagonia, were to form a new province with Sr Delfina Grezzi as provincial superior.
    Our presence in Patagonia, dates back to the first missionary expedition that don Bosco had seen in a dream.
    They arrived in Carmen de Patagones on January 18 1880 and the first community consisted of Sisters Angela Vallese, Giovanna Borgna, Angela Cassulo and Caterina Fina.
    They started by visiting indigenous families and looking after the sick. They later set up a school and oratory.

    Hijas de María Auxiliadora
    Casa Madre Elvira Rizzi
    Gorriti 66
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    The Antilles Province of St. Joseph with headquarters in Santo Domingo ,(Dominican Republic), had its beginning on the island of Cuba, where the first house was opened in the city of Camagüey in 1922, It was incorporated into the Spanish Province of Saint Teresa with headquarters in Barcelona. From 1924 on, the houses of Cuba belonged to the Mexican Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    The mission of the FMA developed in other nations of the Antilles and a progressive expansion took place. For this reason, in 1938, an independent Pre-Province was established that included the 12 houses of Cuba and the new foundations of Haïti and the Dominican Republic.

    With the decree of March 7,1941, it was named a Province with headquarters in Havana.

    After 40 years of educational-pastoral work in Cuba (1922-1961), There was a abrupt interruption. These were difficult times of political change that involved all the work of the Church and, as a consequence, that of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. The sacrifice was fruitful, and the work of sowing good in receptive furrows continued. One of these furrows was that of Puerto Rico, the smallest of the Greater Antilles, where the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians arrived from Cuba.

    During the years following the Cuban revolution, new forms of presence and action were sought within the limits allowed by the system.

    The Antilles Province is now formed of 25 houses spread throughout Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico with a fan of works that respond to the needs of the present reality: education and evangelization of children, adolescents and young people, with special attention to the woman in her different evolutionary phases, and the accompaniment of the processes of development in the systematic educational works and in free time activities.

    Casa Provincial María Auxiliadora
    Calle S.J. Bosco Esq. Dr. Delgado
    Apartado 1724
    SANTO DOMINGO, D.N. (Rep. Dominicana)
  • ARO - ARGENTINA-Cordoba
    The province of ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’ was erected when it was seen fit to divide the province of ‘St Francis de Sales’in Buenos Aires.
    It was set up in the city of Rosario, hence its dedication to Our Lady of the Rosary.
    The province had, then, consisted of 150 Sisters and 15 novices in 13 communities throughout 5 regions of Argentina.
    Their main work is in 12 schools and a hospital. They also visit suburban areas where they minister to the poor through catechesis and youth centres.
    In 1986, the provincial centre was transferred to the city of Córdoba, a more strategic position to facilitate access to all communities.

    Casa Madre Mazzarello
    Avda. Don Bosco 5143
    Las Palmas
    5003 CÓRDOBA
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  • BBH - BRAZIL-Belo Horizonte
    The province of ‘Mother Mazzarello’ in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was canonically erected on September 7, 1948, with 72 Sisters and 9 Communities.
    It consisted of the states of Minas Gerais, Goiás and the Federal District within the south eastern and central western regions of Brazil.
    Before the foundation of this province, these presences belonged to the province of “St Catherine of Siena” with its provincial centre in São Paolo.
    The origin of the province of “St Mary Mazzarello” dates back to the presence of the Sisters in the state of Minas Gerais, and it was Fr Lasagna, provincial of the Salesians in South America, who, when visiting the region, saw the necessity of beginning the Salesian work in this densely populated region which was predomto open the way to the Salesian Family in that region.
    It was on November 7, 1895, when 7 Sisters and a novice accompanied by Fr Lasagna and Sr Teresa Rinaldi, the superior at the time, went to Ouro Preto from Guaratinguetà, (Brazil).
    There, they first took charge of the ‘House of Mercy’ and later set up the first communities at Cachoeira do Campo and Ponte Nova.

    Casa Provincial Irmãs Salesianas
    Avenida 31 de março, 970
    Bairro Dom Cabral
    30535-000 BELO HORIZONTE - MG
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  • BCB - BRAZIL-Cuiabá
    The province of ‘Our Lady of Peace’in Cuiabá, Brazil, was canonically erected on February 13, 1993 as a province separate from the province of the ‘Immaculate Help of Christians’ in Campo Grande, Brazil.
    It started off with 104 Sisters in 16 communities and carried out various types of social work that included state schools (5), private schools (2), schools for the indigenous, communities living directly among the people, missions among the indigenous people, coordination of parish, diocesan and regional ministry, health care of children and young people and pastoral care in communication and women’s issues.
    Once again, the reason for this development was due to the complexity created by distances and the need to respond to the great demands of the states of Mato Grosso and southern Mato Grosso where the communities had been inserted.
    The first missionaries had arrived in Mato Grosso, Cuiabá, in 1895, with the intent of collaborating with the Salesians in evangelizing the indigenous Bororos and Xavantes. They also ran the Kindergarten of “St Rita”, the orphanage and elementary school in Cuiabá.

    Inspetoria N. Sra da Paz
    B. Coxipò da Ponte, 3250
    C.P. 3564
    78070-970 CUIABÁ - MT
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  • BCG - BRAZIL-Campo Grande
    The province of ‘The Immaculate Help of Christians’ in Campo Grande/MS, Brazil, was canonically erected on March 7 1941.
    Prompted by the missionary zeal of the ‘Da mihi Animas’, the first Sisters arrived at Mato Grosso in 1895 to work alongside the Salesians.
    Owing to large distances, a pre-province was set up in Mato Grosso with its provincial centre in Cuiabá. In 1913, it became a minor province under the patronage of ‘St Alphonsus Liguori’ and later, in 1941, its provincial centre was set up in Campo Grande.
    In 1967, because it bore the same name as that of the Salesians, it was decide to avoid confusing its identity and to change its name, thus becoming the province of ‘Mary Immaculate Help of Christians’.
    The extensive presences of the Salesian Sisters, from north to south Mato Grosso, consists of social work mainly hospitals and schools.
    The oldest school dates back to 1904, in Corumbá, under the name of ‘School of the Immaculate Conception’ The hospital of ‘Our Lady Help of Christians’ in Três Lagoas, which was founded in 1929, is still functioning today.

    Inspetoria Imaculada Auxiliadora
    Rua Pe. João Crippa, 1959
    C.P. 113
    79002-390 CAMPO GRANDE - MS
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  • BMA - BRAZIL-Manaus “Laura Vicuña”
    The province of ‘Laura Vicuña’ in Manaus, Brazil, was canonically erected on February 20, 1961.
    The presence of the Sisters in this region, dates back to 1923 when the province of “St Catherine of Siena”, São Paolo, Brazil, sent out the first missionary expedition from its province to found a community at São Gabriel da Cachoeira in Rion Negro.
    The presences in this area had, till then, belonged to the provinces of São Paolo and Recife, however, due to the territorial expansion, and the number of communities and Sisters, it was seen necessary to facilitate communication that would enhance the quality of the communities, by setting up a separate province.
    In 1961, the province of “Laura Vicuña was established, consisting of the areas of Manaus, Rio Madeira, Rondõnia and Pará.
    The Sisters were involved in oratories, schools and social work which, in the Rio Negro area, focused on a pastoral mission among the indigenous people.

    Casa inspetorial
    Av. André Araújo, 2230 A
    69060-000 MANAUS - AM
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  • BMT - BRAZIL-Manaus “Santa Teresinha”
    The province “St. Theresa” in Brazil with its seat in Manaus was canonically erected on December 24, 2005. Already in 1999 it was erected as a pre-province, having officially separated from the province “Laura Vicuña”.
    The ever-increasing number of houses, the diversity of presences, the great geographical and cultural distances deemed it necessary to divide the “Laura Vicuña” province, thus giving birth to the new pre-province (now province). In this way it is possible to respond to new needs in the field of education in the different areas of the province.
    The principal works of the province are: elementary and high school, visits to indigenous communities, parish ministry, centre for youth at risk. The province is currently made up of 13 houses and includes the Museum of the Indies, the St. Theresa Educational Centre and the Missions Procure of Rio Negro.

    Inspetoria S. Teresinha
    Rua Duque de Caxias, 296
    69020-140 MANAUS - AM
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    The province of Bolivia ‘Our Lady of Peace’ was canonically erected on August 24, 1988.
    The first missionary Sisters, under the leadership of Sr. Ernesta Bruno, arrived in Bolivia on 4th September 1928 and opened the first educational centre for young indigenous women.
    (This was the only undertaking of its kind in Bolivia until 1956.)
    From 1958 onwards the apostolic works multiplied both in number and variety but all aimed at serving the poorest and neediest of the population.
    Under the guidance of Mary Help of Christians, the Bolivian province has opened many educational centres for youth and especially for children and young women in difficult situations.
    Indigenous women are also offered an all-round formation.
    The ‘Preventive System’ is the Sisters’ source of strength.

    Hijas de María Auxiliadora
    Casilla 223
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  • BPA - BRAZIL-Porto Alegre
    he province of ‘Our Lady Aparecida’ in Porto Alegre, Brazil, was canonically erected on February 4, 1967.
    In the initial stages, the presences in this area were attached to the province of ‘St Catherine of Siena’ in São Paolo.
    However, considering the increasing number of Sisters and communities within this territory, it was seen necessary to form yet another province consisting of 7 Communities, namely, Porto Alegre, Rio do Sul (2), Campos Novos, S.L.Gonzaga (2) and Uruguaiana.
    The Sisters were committed to parish activities, catechesis, Sunday oratory, schools and domestic help in Salesian Houses, schools. They also helped out in the nearby hospital of Cruzeiro of Rio do Sul.

    Inspetoria Nossa Senhora Aparecida
    Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, 390
    Caixa Postal 1319
    90035-170 PORTO ALEGRE - RS
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  • BRE - BRAZIL-Recife
    The province of ‘Mary Help of Christians’in Recife, was canonically erected on March 7, 1941.
    Owing to the large extension of its territory, and all related difficulties that arose with regard to mobility, and the increasing number of Sisters in the province of “St Catherine of Siena” in São Paolo, it was decided to establish yet another province that would consist of 14 communities with 106 Sisters and 24 novices.
    Their mission concentrated on evangelizing in mission areas in the north and schools and oratories in the north east.

    Casa Provincial das FMA
    Rua José de Alencar, 404
    Boa Vista
    50070-030 RECIFE - PE
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  • BRJ - BRAZIL-Rio de Janeiro
    The province of ‘Our Lady of Penha’in Rio de Janeiro and Espiritu Santo, Brazil, was canonically erected on October 8, 1984.
    Initially, the Houses were located in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espiritu Santo and belonged to the Belo Horizonte province of ‘Madre Mazzarello’.
    The geographical expanse of the province required that another province be set up to facilitate accessibility to the communities. The presence of the Sisters dated back to 1909 with a presence in Niterói/Rio de Janeiro.
    The Houses that belonged to Rio de Janeiro and Espiritu Santo, consisting of 84 Sisters, 7 aspirants and 8 Houses committed to 4 schools, 3 communities living with the people and the house of formation were set up as a pre-province in 1983 and later developed into a province in 1984.

    Casa Nossa Senhora da Penha
    Rua Alberto de Sequeira, 22
    Bairro Tijuca
    20260 – 160 RIO DE JANEIRO - RJ
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  • BSP - BRAZIL-Sao Paulo
    The province of ‘St Catherine of Siena’in São Paolo, Brazil, was canonically erected on February 7 1908.
    At the request of Mons.Filippo and other priests, the Sisters arrived in this city to see to the education of children and young girls.
    This pre-province was attached to the province of Uruguay in 1892. The first 12 Sisters came from Uruguay on April 20, 1892 with the mission to start the first boarding school, the ‘Colegio do Carmo’ ,run by the Salesian Sisters in São Paolo, Brazil.
    In the same year the secondary boarding schools of Lorena and the Immaculate Conception of Pindamonhangaba were also established.

    Casa Provincial S. Catarina de Sena
    Rua Três Rios, 362
    01123-000 SÃO PAULO - SP
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    The province of the ‘Holy Saviour’ in northern Central America, was canonically erected on January 28, 1931.
    The Sisters arrived in San Salvador at the request of Concha, wife of President Tomás Regalado, This request was prompted by the need to express her gratitude to Mary Help of Christians for a miracle obtained through her intercession.
    In thanksgiving, she built a chapel in her honour and having becoming aware of the Salesian Sisters through the Salesians, she asked her husband to call on the Sisters to set up a school for poor children; he agreed and paid their fares to the country.
    Her wish was granted and among the first 6 Sisters to arrive were: Srs Giulia Gilardi, Annuniziata Pace, Giacomina Zanatta, from Italy, and Srs Ursula Rinaldi, Blandina Salazar and Juana Méndez from the pre-province of Mexico. They started off with sewing classes to help young girls develop their talents as young women and develop their religious education.
    On February 15, 1903, they set up a school for Vocational Training with 70 day students, 6 semi-boarders and 1 full-time. At the same time they started a festive oratory.

    Casa Inspectorial
    Nstra. Señora de Suyapa
    Tres Caminos
    (Honduras – C.A.)
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    The province of ‘Our Lady of the Angels’ was canonically erected on October 24 1987 with a newly appointed provincial superior, who officially took charge on October 1 1988.
    This province was originally part of the province of El Salvador where the FMA had been called by certain benefactors in 1903. That was when Sr. Ursula Rinaldi, Sr. Giulia Gilardi, Sr. Maria Zanatta, Sr. Paz Anuncición, Sr. Juana Mendez and Sr. Blandina Salazar arrived in Central America.
    On August 1, 1917, other Sisters arrived in Costa Rica, where years later, in 1987 another province was established consisting of 3 nations, namely, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.
    Four days after their arrival in San José, the Sisters settled down to catechism classes in the church dedicated to St Francis of Paola, and the following Sunday they opened a youth club. Later they set up a Kindergarten and a series of schools and other works that are still flourishing today.
    When the province was first set up, there were a total of 15 Houses that included 8 in Costa Rica, 5 in Nicaragua and 2 in Panama.

    Casa Provincial N.S. de Los Angeles
    Apartado 664
    2300 Curridabat
    (Costa Rica – C.A.)
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  • CBC - COLOMBIA-Bogotá “N. S. del Rosario di Chiquinquirá”
    The province of ‘Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá’ was erected on January 28, 1931.
    The Sisters were called to Colombia at the request of Fr Evasio Rabagliati sdb, and his Salesian confreres who had been in Colombia since 1890.
    The Colombian government had, since 1892, expressed the need for the Salesian Sisters to see to the education of young people and to look after the Leper Colony.
    On January 11, 1897, the first six Sisters together with a novice, arrived in Bogotá. To begin with, the Sisters were dedicated to the Leper Colony at Contratación, and while they continued to visit the sick and to assist the dying, they set up schools and a festive oratory.

    Collegio Sor Teresa Valsé
    Carrera 1a Este N° 72°A - 99
    Apartado aéreo 51794
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  • CBN - COLOMBIA-Bogotá “N. S. della Neve”
    The province of ‘Our Lady of the Snow’ was canonically erected on December 8, 1971.
    This province was an off-shoot of the province of ‘Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá’ required by re-structuring due to the expansion of territory and mission.
    The new province began with 232 Sisters in 14 communities.
    Their main work was in schools (11), parish ministry and catechesis in the suburbs, a house for the elderly Sisters and a house of formation.
    There were 6 presences in Bogotá, 3 in the ‘department’of Cundinamarca, 2 in Meta- Prefectura of Ariari, 2 in Huila and one in Tolima.

    Casa Nuestra Señora de las Nieves
    Carrera 44C N. 22A-27
    Barrio Quinta Paredes
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    The province of ‘St Gabriel Archangel’ in Chile, was canonically erected on January 28 1931.
    The Sisters who arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile, on October 3 1888, were welcomed by the Salesians. On December 8 they started a club for 30 young children and when in March 1889, they opened a school, they had 13 students.
    However this number increased progressively in this vast mission territory that encompassed the Patagonian area of Chile and Argentina, Tiera del Fuego and the Falklands. The Sisters set up the ‘College of Mary Help of Christians’ in Puntarenas, the mission of ‘St Raphael’ and that of ‘Candelaria’ in Rio Grande. A pre-province of ‘Michael Archangel’ was then established with these communities, its provincial centre being in Punta Arenas.
    The expansion of the mission in the rest of the country required 2 pre-provinces to be established for better communication between the communities and the provincial superior.
    So, in 1895, in Chile the pre-province of ‘St Gabriel Archangel’ with its centre at Santiago was set up, and the other pre-province ‘St Michael Archangel’ was erected in the Magellan area to the south with its centre in Punta Arenas.
    In 1949 both pre-provinces were fused to form one province centred on Santiago, capital of Chile.

    Casa Provincial María Auxiliadora
    Avda. A. Matta, 762
    Casilla 3 – Correo 3
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  • CMA - COLOMBIA-Medellín “Mary Help of Christians”
    The province of ‘Mary Help of Christians’ in Medellin, Colombia, was canonically erected on June 12, 1946.
    Owing to the increase of Sisters and the difficulties created by distances, it was seen necessary to establish another province that would consist of the presences furthest away from Bogotá.
    The main work of the new province included elementary and Teacher-Training schools, orphanages, festive oratories, parish catechesis and craft workshops.
    The province was set up with 165 Sisters and 15 communities in the areas of the Andes, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Concordia, El Retiro, El Santuario, La Ceja, Medellín, Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa.

    Casa María Auxiliadora
    Carrera 50 N. 63-70
    Apartado aéreo 51827
    MEDELLÍN – Prado Centro
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  • CMM - COLOMBIA-Medellín “S. M. Mazzarello”
    The province of ‘St Mary Mazzarello’, in Medell’in, Colombia, was canonically erected on November 24, 1971.
    It was an extension of the province of ‘Mary Help of Christians’, in Medellin, Colombia, that had been established in 1946.
    The need had once again arisen to re-dimension the existing province and to create another.
    The province consisted of 245 Sisters, 33 of whom, were in temporary vows.
    Their work was mainly in schools, Teacher-Training schools, house of Formation, home for the elderly Sisters, non-formal education, workshops and social work.

    Casa Inspectorial
    Colegio Santa Maria Mazzarello
    Carrera 33 N. 48-63
    Apartado aéreo 52 391
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    The pre-province of ‘Our Lady of the Cape’ in Canada, was canonically erected on September 29 1991 to facilitate the development of the Salesian charism and for vocational promotion in Canada.
    The origin of the presence in Canada dates back to 1953 when, at the request of Fr François Caissie, the Sisters would see to the education of poorer young girls at point-Verte.
    The firsr 4 Sisters arrived on September 24, 1953 and soon after, on October 2, they set up an youth centre that was attended by more than 100 girls.
    The first Sisters were Sr Joanna Passarelli from the United States, Sr Gabrielle Cottet from Switzerland, Sr Suzanne Motte from France, and Sr Catherine Novo from Italy. Until 1991, the Canadian presence belonged to the province of “St Phillip Apostle” In the U.S.A.

    Soeurs Salésiennes
    8555 Joliot Curie
    Rivière des Prairies
    Canada H1E 5J6
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    The province of the ’Sacred Heart’ ’in Ecuador, was canonically erected on March 7, 1941, with 124 Sisters in 13 Communities.
    At the request of the Salesians, and more specifically, after Brother Jacinto Cancheri sdb, had written to don Rua, regarding the need to have the collaboration of the Sisters in the mission of evangelizing the Shuar indigenous people.
    This was reiterated by Mons.Costamagna in a petition addressed to Mother Catherine Daghero.
    Eventually, 3 Sisters arrived from Peru on November 30, 1902, to start a mission in Gualaquiza.
    There, they visited Shuar mission centres, looked after the chapel and took charge of the kitchen and laundry of the Salesians.
    This presence lasted until 1911 and after several years, in 1930 they resumed their mission at Gualaquiza.
    Until it was established as a pre-province in 1922, the presence in Ecuador first belonged to the province of ‘St Rose of Lima’ in Peru.

    Calle Yaguachi E8-115 (El Dorado)
    Apartado 17.01.2144
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    The province of ‘Our Lady of Perpetual Succour’ in Haiti, was canonically erected on July 16, 1997, after it had been established as a pre-province in 1991.
    The Sisters arrived in Haiti in 1935, at the request of a lady by the name of Mademoiselle Resia Vincent, sister of the President of Haiti, who, on seeing the plight of so many orphaned children, wanted to reach out to assist them.
    This lady traveled to Turin to meet Mother Luisa Vaschetti, personally, so as to ask her to send Sisters to run the ‘Foundation Vincent’ that had been set up by her brother.
    This entailed the care and integral education of orphans and their preparation for insertion into society.
    Soon after their arrival, the Sisters started an oratory and later a boarding school for these children.
    The first Sisters were under the direct jurisdiction of Mother General in Turin and later were attached to the communities of Cuba, a presence which later developed into the Province of the Antilles with its provincial centre first in Cuba in 1941, then in Santo Domingo.

    Province N.D. du Perpétuel Secours
    Filles de Marie Auxiliatrice
    Salésiennes de Don Bosco
    22 Ave. du Chili / B. P. 228
    PORT-AU-PRINCE (Haïti)
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  • MME - MEXICO-Mexico City
    The province of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’, in Mexico, was canonically erected on January 28 1931.
    The first 6 missionary Sisters left from Genoa on December 3 1893 and arrived in Mexico on January 1, 1894 accompanied by Fr Piperni sdb.
    After a day’s train journey, they arrived in the capital city where they were welcomed by the Rector, Fr Piccono, together with a group of Salesian Co-operators.
    The first work initiated with the building of the first boarding school on the land of Mrs Julia Gomez, in the area of Santa Julia, and was inaugurated in 1908.
    It was from this centre that the presence of the Sisters in Mexico, spread out to other areas.broke out, the Sisters already numbered 104 with 9 communities and 12 novices.

    Laguna S. Cristóbal 64
    Colonia Anáhuac
    11320 MÉXICO, D. F.
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  • MMO - MEXICO-Monterrey
    The province of ‘Mater Ecclesiae’ in Mexico, was canonically erected on September 20, 1969.
    After the religious persecution (1914 – 1934), the province of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’, as the one province had been called, had increased both in number and presences, thus presenting difficulties that arose due to distances that separated the communities.
    It was then decided to form some communities into a northern province with its provincial centre in Monterrey.
    To begin with, the province had 266 Sisters, 16 novices and 14 communities. Their main work included primary, secondary, teacher-training and business schools, oratories, mission centres and catechesis in parishes and in suburban areas.

    Felipe Angeles 700
    Colonia León XIII
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    The province of ’St Raphael Archangel’ in Paraguay, was canonically erected on February 2, 1962.
    The presence of the Sisters in this nation, dates back to April 30, 1900.
    4 years before the Sisters arrived, the Salesians had prepared the way for them. From 1900 – 1908 this presence in Paraguay was under the direct jurisdiction of the Mother House in Turin, Italy, and was later attached to the province of the ‘Immaculate Conception’ in Uruguay, until 1992 when the growing number of local Sisters increased together with their communities.
    The province of Paraguay was, therefore, set up to consolidate the educational mission for young women in this country.
    Initially, the province consisted of 77 Sisters, 10 novices and 5 Communities. Their main work included schools, oratories, preparation for the Sacraments, vocational schools, boarding schools for poor young girls, youth centres, mission centres and the association of Past Pupils.

    Casa Inspectorial María Auxiliadora
    Calle Antequera, 727
    C.C. 1108 ASUNCIÓN
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  • PER - PERU

    The province of ‘’St Rose of Lima’’ in Perú, was canonically erected on January 28, 1931. However, the mission of the Sisters in Perú dates back to September 1891 when a request was directed to don Bosco, by Dr.Manuel Candamo, director of Social Assistance in Lima, and later at the specific request of the President of the Republic. A convention was drawn up between the authorities involved and signed in Turin, by don Michael Rua, accepting the running of an Institution in favour of poor and abandoned children.
    On September 28, 1891, a group of 9 novices from Nizza, who were led by Sr Angela Piai, joined a party of Salesians who were also traveling to Perú.
    They immediately set to work in running the ‘’Instituto Sevilla”. This mission entailed a small group of boarders between the ages of 12 -16 who were mainly abandoned war orphans.
    After 7 years at this Institute, while Mother Catherine Daghero was on visitation to the Sisters in Perú, she encouraged them to look out for a new foundation that would allow them to run their educative mission according to the salesian charism and free form certain obligations that the present one entailed.
    The Sisters, therefore, transferred to the port-city of Callao, where in no time, they set up a new educative mission.

    Casa Provincial S. Rosa de Lima
    Av. Brasil 450 – Breña
    LIMA 5
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  • SUA - UNITED STATES-New Jersey
    St. Philip the Apostle Province was canonically erected on March 7, 1941.
    The first four FMA were sent by Mother Catherine Daghero with the specific mandate of caring for Italian immigrants who most of the time, once arrived in the USA ceased to practice their faith or would join protestant congregations from whom they received many things free. The four pioneers arrived in Paterson, New Jersey, on July 16, 1908.
    After a day or two from their arrival, they began to visit the Italian families. Regularization of marriages and preparation for the reception of the sacraments of initiation were priority.
    Catechism classes for children, teenagers and adults were soon begun. At the same time, the Sisters opened the festive oratory.
    In September, without knowing yet the English language, they opened the parochial school with before and after school care.
    They also began the sodality of the Children of Mary for girls which were very well attended.
    Soon the Lord blessed the Sisters' many sacrifices by sending vocations.
    This allowed the expansion of the FMA works in the USA.

    Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
    Provincial Office
    655 Belmont Avenue
    HALEDON, New Jersey 07508-2398 (USA)
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    The province of ‘Mary Immaculate’in the United States, was canonically erected on February 10, 1987.
    The province came into being on account of the vast extension of the St. Philip the Apostle province which made it difficult for the Provincial to reach all the Sisters and communities.
    At the beginning the provincial centre was located in San Antonio, Texas, attached to the St. John Bosco School.
    A new centre was eventually built nearby which was opened in 1993.
    The main works of the 13 communities are catechesis, kindergartens, primary, middle and secondary schools, after-school care, co-ordination of parish catechesis, oratories, summer camps, promotional activities and formation for aspirants and postulants.
    The province has since opened communities in Arizona and Colorado.

    Institute Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
    Office of the Provincial
    6019 Buena Vista Street
    SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78237 (USA)
    Links » SUO United States
    The province of the ‘Immaculate Conception’in Uruguay, was canonically erected on February 7, 1908.
    The first Sisters arrived in Villa Colón, Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 14 1877, on the first missionary expedition to America, Villa Colón, Montevideo was where there was a significant concentration of Italian Immigrants and where the Salesians had arrived before them in1875, to dedicate themselves to the education of young boys.
    The Sisters had been asked to undertake the integral education of young girls, and started with the education of the children of Italian immigrants, by setting up an oratory, catechesis and human development and the training of young girls in all that their specific identity would require as young women.
    At the same time, they looked after the kitchen and laundry of the Salesians.
    In 1879, they started to open various Houses in Uruguay, namely, Las Piedras, Paysandu (1887) and Montevideo.
    There they set up primary and secondary schools and the only Catholic Teacher-Training school in Uruguay.

    Casa María Auxiliadora
    Avenida Lezica 6187
    Villa Colón
    12500 MONTEVIDEO
    Links » URU Uruguay
    The province of ‘’St John Bosco’’ in Venezuela was canonically erected on March 7, 1941, at the request of the bishop, Mons.San Miguel. When the first 9 Sisters arrived on Venezuelan soil, they were welcomed by the Sisters of the Poor and on December 15, four of them left for the city of Merida, where they set up a college for girls under the patronage of ‘’Mary Immaculate’’. The other 5 Sisters left, soon after, for San Cristobal.
    On January 7, 1928,they opened the doors of a simple house, to welcome the first students, and in Venezuela, their mission spread rapidly with schools, professional workshops, festive oratories and centres for free-time activities.
    In 1931, the first Venezuelan vocations came forward, and in 1932 some Sisters left Merida accompanied by a group of young secondary school girls who intended joining the Salesian Sisters. They set up the first Salesian Sisters’ House of Formation in Venezuela, at Los Teques.

    Casa San Juan Bosco
    Avda. 4a entre 6a y 7a Transversal
    Apdo. 68.169
    CARACAS – Altamira 1062 A
    Links » VEN Venezuela

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