The Asian provinces

The Asian provinces
The FMA arrived in Asia, first in the Middle East (at Bethlehem in 1891) and later in southern India in 1922.
They opened their first community at Tanjore (24 November 1922 with an orphanage, sewing classes, an oratory and a dispensary; they later engaged in visits to the outlying villages.
In March the following year, under the guidance of the future bishop and martyr, Mons. Versiglia, the FMA set foot in China, opening the first community at Shiu Chow.
In 1929 the Institute’s presence in Asia developed further when it reached Japan, the land of the rising sun.
The growth of the Institute in Asia continued with a constant rhythm and after another two years, in 1931, a new horizon beckoned with the opening of the first community in the then Siam, present day Thailand. During the early years all the communities in these coutnries belonged to the Indian pre-province of Madras.
In 1938 the communities in China and Japan were formed into the Far Eastern pre-province.
Thailand, instead, continued as part of the Indian pre-province until 1952.

Today, there are 16 Provinces consisting of 21 nations.

    The province of ‘Mary Help of Christians’ in China was canonically erected on May 16, 1946 consisting of 5 Houses and 26 Sisters. The first Provincial was mother Elena Bottini, who was resident in Shanghai (China).
    There were also 3 provincial Councillors, resident in Shiu Chow (Canton), Lok Chong (Canton) and one in Japan.
    It was Mons Luigi Versiglia who requested the Sisters to help the missionaries in pastoral ministry and catechesis among women and children.
    The first 6 Sisters arrived in China on March 15, 1923. Their first commitment was to learn the language, to attend to the formation of the future Sisters, to run an orphanage, to take care of the blind and a rest home for the elderly.
    Between 1950 and 1954, due to the political situation, the Sisters had to flee from China and to take refuge in Hong Kong where they opened a school that catered for the growing number of refugees.
    Later, they set up communities in Macau and on the island of Taiwan, in Australia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Initially, the presence in China (1923-1931) was under the direct jurisdiction of the General Council. However, from 1931-1938, it was attached to the Indian province of ‘St Thomas Apostle’ that already consisted of India, Thailand, China and Japan.
    From 1938 to 1946 it had been set up as a pre-province

    Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
    115 Shatin Pass Road
    Wong Tai Sin
    Kowloon, HONG KONG - S.A.R.
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    The province of ‘Mary Our Help’ Cambodia and Myanmar was canonically erected on August 5, 2009. It consists of 6 communities – 3 in Cambodia and 3 in Myanmar.
    The Sisters are committed to a variety of works but always aimed at the education of the poorest children and young women.
    Human development is pursued through the kindergartens, primary schools, promotional centres for young women, in the youth centres, and after-school care.
    A formative strategy is also fostered in the visits to the families and in the hostels.
    The Sisters also work in the parishes and also offer their collaboration at diocesan level.
    The constant flow of vocations is enabling the Institute to develop in these countries.
    Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco
    Northbridge Street
    Teuk Thla, Russey Keo
    P.O. Box 468
    PHNOM PENH (Cambogia)

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    The Philippine Province of St. Mary Mazzarello was canonically erected on 8 October 1984 with Sr. Anna Maria Mattiussi as the first Provincial.
    From 1955 - 1984, the communities in the Philippines were then part of the Chinese Province.
    Following the Salesians who arrived in the Philippines from China in 1953, the first three FMA arrived in Manila on December 1955.
    They were Sr. Erminia Borzini (Italian), Sr. Giuseppina Gallo (Italian), and Sr. Ligia Borges (Portuguese). The first to arrive was Sr. Erminia accompanied by Sr. Catherine Moore representing the Provincial Sr. Elena Bottini, who was not well at that time.
    The missionaries began their work on 8 December 1955 in Victorias, Negros Occidental, an island in the Visayas, by inviting a group of girls to recite a Hail Mary in honor of Our Lady.
    Gradually, they opened the Kindergarten, some sewing classes for the girls, and the choir called the Cheerio Club.
    From 1989 - 1995, the communities in East Timor belonged to the Philippine Province. Today, there are 16 communities in the Luzon and the Visayas regions of the Philippines.
    There are also two communities in Papua New Guinea.
    The first PNG foundation was inaugurated on 31 January 2001 in East Boroko, diocese of Port Moresby.
    The second foundation was opened by Sr. Ciri Hernandez on 1 March 2002 in Tapini, diocese of Bereina.
    On 13 May 2003, the Mornese Center of spirituality was inaugurated in Pansol, Laguna, Philippines.
    It is a retreat house for young people, families, and religious congregations.
    The FMA also offer other prayer experiences and formative meetings.

    Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
    (Salesian sisters of St. John Bosco)
    Provincial House
    3500 V. Mapa Extension
    Sta. Mesa 1016, MANILA
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    The province ‘Alma Mater’ in Japan was canonically erected on January 26, 1952 with 72 Sisters (36 perpetually professed and 36 Temporary professed), and 30 novices in 5 Communities.
    The Sisters were requested by Fr. Vincenzo Cimatti to work alongside the Salesians in the work of evangelisation.
    They arrived in Japan at the port of Kobe on 14 December 1929 and at Miyazaki, in southern Japan, on 16 December 1929.
    They immediately took charge of the domestic arrangement of the Salesians while they set about learning the language.
    The following year, 1930, at Miyazaki they took charge of a shelter for poor girls and opened the aspirantate.
    In 1931 at Beppu, they established their first independent work, a hostel for poor girls and for new-born babies; that same year they opened a kindergarten.

    Fujosha Seibo-kai
    2-14, Akabane-dai 4-chome
    Kita-ku, TOKYO
    115-0053 Japan
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  • INB - INDIA- Mumbai
    The first Salesian missionary Sisters arrived in India, Bombay, on November 2 1922. However it was only on May 24 1982 that the province was canonically erected under the patronage of ‘St Mary Domenica Mazzarello’ with its provincial centre in Bombay.
    The purpose of this foundation was clear: the first Sisters arrived in Bombay to initiate their mission in Tamil Nadu in southern India, however, in no time, they were spread out over various Indian territories.
    The Sisters who worked in Bombay and Baroda - houses that belonged to the Madras province, established previously, -were isolated because of the vast distances and could not be adequately accompanied in their process of formation and animation .
    It, therefore, became necessary to constitute a separate province with its provincial centre in Bombay together with educational establishments that included a crèche, Kindergarten, elementary, middle, and senior schools, after-school care and evening classes.
    The work gradually increased and the Sisters were involved in parish ministry, oratory, dressmaking and sewing classes, typing, village visitation of families, hostel, boarding school, the human-Christian formation of women, the Union of Past Pupils and the association of Co-operators.

    Auxilium Centre
    Provincial Office
    Post Box 19877
    MUMBAI 400050
  • INC - INDIA-Kolkata, NEPAL
    The province of ‘Mary Help of Christians’ in Calcutta, India, was canonically erected on February 10, 1987, when the significant extension of the province of the ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary’ , Shillong, required the large territory to be divided.
    The new province was established with 8 Houses in Calcutta, Dum Dum, Calcutta Gobra, Calcutta Park Circud, Bandel, Kalyani, New Chumta, New Delhi R.k. Puram and New Delhi Vasant Vihari).
    Various works were set up including: pre-school, primary, middle and senior schools, oratory, dispensary, house of Formation (aspirants and postulants), Union of Past Pupils and Salesian Co-operators.

    Provincial Office
    Salesian Sisters
    Auxilium Convent
    10 P. K. Guha Road
    Dum Dum
    KOLKATA 700028
    West Bengal
  • ING - INDIA-Guwahati

    The Province of "Mater Ecclesiae"  Guwahati (India),  was canonically erected on February 24, 2000, with 22 houses.

    The history of the presence of the FMAs in Northeast India, dates back to 1923 when the first six missionaries reached Guwahati, Assam.

    The expansion of the works, the increase of vocations and the vastness of the area led to the birth of the sixth province of the FMAs in India.  Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil,  the first Provincial of the new Province,  "Mater Ecclesiae" (ING), started the Provincialate at  Maligaon, Guwahati, in a formation house for the  Aspirants and Postulants.

    In 2006, a new Provincial house was built at Dispur, Guwahati,  for easy accessibility. At the new site, the tangible intervention of the Virgin  Mary was seen;  the discovery of a water source where everyone said there was no water in that place.

    The main mission of the Province are: Kindergarten, Primary and higher Secondary Schools, Vocational Training Centres; Parallel Schools, Evening Coaching Centres , Literacy Centers, Visit to Villages, Parochial Schools, Animations of the  Parish activities, Dispensaries, Home for the Young at Risks, Hostels for  the University  Students and Young Working Women.

    Auxilium Provincial House
    Christain Basti, GMC Road, Dispur
    Guwahati – 781 005, Assam, India

  • INK - INDIA-Bangalore
    The Indian province of Bangalore, ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’, was canonically erected on May 31, 1993, consisting of the regions of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.
    With the foundation of this province, it was hoped that the accompaniment and animation of the Sisters in this province would be facilitated, since the province of Madras had grown to excessive dimensions.
    Another reason was to develop the mission in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala, where the presences had been too few to cater adequately, for the evangelization and empowerment of poor people.
    The Sisters’ presence in this area began in 1969, first in Bangalore (Karnataka) when the novitiate was transferred, then in Kerala where a community was set up to cater for the poor fisherfolk at Kollam, Kottiyam in 1979, and in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a pre-school at Guntur.
    In 1993, the province of the “Sacred Heart” was eventually set up with 122 Sisters and 12 Communities.

    Salesian Sisters
    Sacred Heart Convent
    Old Madras Road
    Virgonagar P. O.
    BANGALORE 560049
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    The province of ‘St Thomas Apostle’ in Madras, India, was canonically set up May 16, 1946.
    To mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute, the first 6 Sisters arrived at Tanjore on November 24, 1922, where the Salesians were already working.
    The Sisters started by setting up a sewing workshop for poor young girls. Then followed a dispensary open to the people of the area who until then had died without medical care.
    In 1923, a children’s orphanage was established, and soon after, in 1924, an elementary and boarding school were established.
    From these humble beginnings, the presence of the Institute spread rapidly throughout India and the province of Madras ‘St Thomas Apostle’ was duly called the Mother Province.

    Salesian Sisters
    Provincial Office
    Mazzarello Convent
    United India Colony, n. 1/2
    III Main Road, 5th Cross Street
    CHENNAI 600024
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  • INS - INDIA-Shillong
    The province of the ‘Immaculate Heart of Mary’ in Shillong, India, was canonically erected on November 24, 1953.
    The first Houses founded in India had been spread from south to the north and north east of this country. Given the distances and the number of communities spread throughout the vast territory, the Provincial, Sr Cesira Gallina, proposed the creation of a new province that would favour the animation of the Sisters and the expansion of the missionary presence, above all, in the north.
    The presence in the north east of India was initiated in 1923, 30 years before a province was set up. The first community was established in Gauhati, now belonging to the province ‘Mother of the Church’ Guwahati, and the second community was Jowai in 1926.
    Both presences started off with orphanages and boarding facilities for girls from remote villages, a Hindi and Assamese-speaking elementary school and in Jowai, Khasi-speaking vocational training in weaving, sewing and dressmaking, embroidery and knitting, village visitation for religious education especially for the women and the visitation of families and the sick.

    Auxilium, Nongthymmai
    Shillong 793014
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  • INT - INDIA-Tiruchirapalli


    (Page under construction)

    Salesian Sisters

    4/288 Madurai Main Road
    TAMIL NADU 620012, India

    The province ‘Morning Star’ in Korea, was canonically erected on October 1984.
    The Sisters arrived in Korea at the request of Mons. Paolo Rho, bishop of Seoul. The first 3 Sisters arrived from Japan on April 24, 1957. Their first House was close to the parish of ‘St John Bosco’ in Torimdong, Seoul. They were initially dedicated to the catechumenate, a dispensary, an evening school and a pre-school.
    In 1958, at the request of Mons. Harold Henry, Bishop of Kwangui, they established a primary, middle and senior school.
    Other foundations followed, including a hostel for girls employed in the town, a youth centre, and shelters for girls at risk.

    Salesian Sisters
    253-242 Shinghil 5 dong,
    150-841 SEOUL
    S. Korea
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    Provinces in the Middle East

    The FMA first arrived in the Middle East, in Bethlehem (8 october 1891), in response to a request of Fr. Michael Rua, Don Bosco's 1st successor, to Mother Caterina Daghero, and the practical steps taken by Fr. John Cagliero. The Sisters began their work with dressmaking and embroidery classes for girls regardless of nationality or religion; they were immediately attended by Moslem and Greek girls.
    It was a difficult beginning of a work destined for great development. The wide extent of its charitable educational activity was truly ecumenical in in outlook.
    (Cf. ‘Journey of the Institute in the course of a century’, pp83-85, vol.2’) In the year 1913, within a hostile socio-political background, it was possible to found 2 presences in the conflicting middle East, one, in Asia Minor at Adalia,a Turkish city. However, because of serious difficulties these presences lasted only two years.
    The second foundation almost at the same time, was at Damascus, Syria.
    The Sisters arrived there on November 4 1913, to take charge of a school, a first aid clinic and a hospital. ( ‘Journey of the Institute in the course of a century’, pp68-70 vol.3) In the Middle East, the Sisters are present in 5 nations.

    Salesian Sisters
    P.O.B. 910411
    AMMAN 11191 (Giordania)

    The Province of ‘St Mary Mazzarello’ in Thailand, was canonically erected on January 26, 1952.
    The first 5 Missionary Sisters arrived in Thailand on November 14, 1931. The Salesian Provincial, Fr Gaetano Pasotti, who appreciated the educative charism of the Salesian Sisters, asked Mother Luisa Vaschetti to send Sisters to Thailand for the education and formation of young people.
    During the first 3 years, the only presence of the Sisters was under the jurisdiction of the Mother House, in Rome.
    However, in 1934, together with the communities of Japan and China, it was attached to the province of Madras, India.
    The first arduous missionary experiences were at Bang Nok Khuek, where as far as communication goes, the Sisters had to be content with merely watching and smiling! As they gradually learned the language, they made more frequent contacts with the people until they were considered able to run the parish school, an orphanage and the women’s association in the parish, besides looking after the kitchen and laundry for the Salesians, and a small dispensary.

    Salesian Sisters
    124 Saladeng Rd.
    BANGKOK 10500
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    The province of “St Mary Domenica Mazzarello” in Timor, was canonically erected on August 5, 2009. It consists of communities in Timor and Indonesia.
    The Salesians requested the presence of the Sisters to look after orphans. In 1987, after having visited Timor and having studied the situation there, Mother Lina Chiandotto, who was then responsible for the Missions at the Generalate, confirmed the possibility of establishing a presence in Venilale-Bacau.
    On October 2, 1988, the first 3 Sisters arrived in Venilale.
    In the initial stages, the community was attached to the province of the Philippines until it was set up as the pre-province of ‘Mary Help’, together with Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.
    With the expansion of this presence and the increasing number of Sisters, to facilitate the inculturation of animation and formation, it was decided to re-structure the pre-province. The pre-province of “St Mary Domenica Mazzarello” in Timor, was canonically erected on June 20 2003 with 8 Communities, and 62 Sisters, of whom, 33 were in temporary vows.

    Irmãs Salesianas
    C.P. 51
    DILI (Timor Est)
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    The Vietnamese province of “Mary Help of Christians” was canonically erected on 5 August 2009 and comprises Vietnam.
    The history of the Institute of Mary of Christians in Vietnam began and developed under the providential guidance of God and the special protection of Mary.
    On May 26, 1961, the first two missionary Sisters arrived at Ho Chi Minh City from Hong Kong – Sr. Maria Socorro Machuy and Sr. Olivia Sadaya. On June 13, Sr. Rosa Zöller arrived from Hong Kong, and on December 21, Sr. Anna Persico arrived from Italy. The four missionaries formed the first FMA community in Vietnam with Sr. Rosa Zöller as superior.
    From the start, they lived in a rented house in Cho Lon until May 13, 1963 when the community acquired a new location: the minor seminary of the Vinh diocese in Thu Duc Tam Ha, 15 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. It is now considered the Mother House of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Vietnam.
    From 1961 to 1997, the communities the Mary Help of Christians Province in Hong Kong. In 1975, the missionaries were expelled and religious life was tightly controlled. It was a great challenge for the new community of FMA in Vietnam. Notwithstanding all the difficulties, the young FMA Vietnamese Sisters remained faithful to their vocation, wholeheartedly dedicating their lives for the mission, living a simple life among the poor while the number of vocations continued to increase and new communities were erected.
    On January 24, 1997, the Vietnam communities were separated from the Chinese Province. On July 16, 2003, a new southeast Asia pre-province was canonically erected, “Mary Help of Christians”, which included Timor, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    57 Street 4
    Tam Phu, Thu Duc
    HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam
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