Erezione dell’Ispettoria “San Giuseppe” (SEC)

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26/08/2017 16:28:40 - Virginia Bickford AFE Province

Congratulations, Sr. Joann and Sisters of the newly-erected Province of St. Joseph! May he be your guardian and help in that is undertaken in the Province. Hongera and best wishes and assurance of prayers.

22/08/2017 11:52:04 - Máire O'Byrne

Dear Sisters, Congratulations! Now you are doubly St. Joseph's. May God bless your new Province and each one of you and may our simple but great Maria Domenica be especially close to you, Sr. Joanna, as you take on the task of leadership of the Province. United in affectionate prayer. Máire FMA

21/08/2017 13:47:27 - Sr. Yettukuri Alphonsa Maria

Best wishes and the choicest of God's blessings on Sr. Joanne Holloman, the Provincial, the Provincial Councillors , the Animators and every Sister of the SEC Province. This new turn of events will bring great vitality in the Institute through the life and mission of the SEC Province.

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