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Bari (Italy). On September 13-15, 2017, the 29th Edition of the European Seminar THE DUAL SYSTEM FOR ITALY, promoted by the Association CIOFS FP (Central Italy Salesian Feminine Works –Professional Formation), took place at Bisceglie and at Bari within the Fair of the East.

From all of Italy came formators and teachers, directors and those responsible, experts and representatives of Institutions to study the theme “Dual System for Italy”.

After the 2016 edition which considered experimenting with this new form of learning for young people, the object of study, listening, and reflection at Bisceglie, there was the need to network, to create ‘sectors’ to organize a system between the world of Professional Formation, the world of enterprises, and also Institutions and Work services.

After the motivations of the seminar presented by the inventor, Sr. Lauretta Valente, the greetings of the Regional Assessor, and of the CIOFS President, Sr. Anna Razionale, the works were introduced by listening to four testimonies of positive experiences, in the presence of the Italian Minister of Instruction Valeria Fedeli, who said: “Being here at the European Seminar of CIOFS-FP was a choice, because I am interested in every part of a plural system of instruction, a system that is in step with the objectives of an Italian Country in a phase of change. The talents of people must keep in mind the real economy; in this perspective, we work in tandem with the Ministry of Work as well”.

The round tables, the presentations, and the workshops gave important contributions to reflection on the theme, that on the day of September 15, had the framework of the Fair of the East in Bari and as protagonists, the representatives of the National and Regional Governments. Monsignor Filippo Santoro, Bishop di Taranto, and responsible for the Social Weeks of Italian Catholics, was present and, after having attentively listened to the reading of the conclusions of the Seminar, was pleased with the synergy between the theme of the 48th Catholic Social Week and the Seminar theme. “That which truly ANIMATES is only that which occupies the heart…and it is this that makes us do our work…The true objective is that of DIGNIFIED WORK…to indicate journeys for this”.

Dignified work means, first of all, fighting against undeclared work, criminal work, precarious work, wounds that cannot continue to be the only prospect for many people. Dignified work, feminine work, technological innovation are also the themes of the Catholic Social Week and become an ideal and valuable impetus for the continuation of the work of alignment between the school, professional formation, and the world of work. But work is dignified because the person is dignified!

The Undersecretary of Work Luigi Bobba expressed what he deems are some proofs of maturity for this Dual experience: the attainment of a full and equal dignity of Professional Formation in the complex of the formative offering; the updating and empowering of a national repertoire of professions, made 10 years ago and today not in alignment with the evolution of the work market; the need to invest in the professional figures of formation and business tutors. And lastly, not in order of importance, overcoming the enormous regional disparities that still exist in the ability to make formative offerings.

The conclusions of the Seminar were entrusted to the President of Confap, Fr. Massimiliano Sabbadini, who said among other things, “No young person must be excluded from an education that corresponds to their vocation so that becoming adults, they are a happy and active part of the common good, is a demanding and dutiful mission for everyone, for which it is worthwhile to continue together, to study, teach, experiment, organize, undertake, administer…With particular preference and dedication to the young who are already marked by fragility, poverty, and marginalization, so that even duality will always rhyme fruitfully with solidarity”.

The buffet offered and organized by the young people of the Professional Formation Center of Ruvo di Puglia concluded the Seminar and left the organizers and participants very satisfied.

The XIX EUROPEAN SEMIMAR launched JOB APP... for the Project MEET THE NEET to allow ALL young people to have easier access to the work services!

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