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Rome (Italy). On December 28, 2017, the Mother General of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, announced to the community of the Generalate and to the world, the destination of the thirteen new missionaries.

At the conclusion of the discernment process, Mother met with the new missionaries to dialog with them and communicate the name of the Province to which each one was destined. The Councilor for the Missions Sector, Sr. Alaide Deretti, and her collaborators, accompanied the discernment and formation journey of the new missionaries, grateful to the Provinces that had sent them and in the awareness that the Institute was born missionary!

At this time, both the Church and the Institute are breathing a new missionary atmosphere. Pope Francis affirms: “We make mission under the inspiration of Mary, Mother of evangelization. She, moved by the Spirit, received the Word of life in the depths of her humble faith. The Virgin helps us to say our ‘yes’ in the urgency to make the Good News of Jesus resound in our time”.

“Words that are particularly challenging for us since the missionary dimension is an essential element of the Salesian vocation (Cf. C 75),” writes Mother Yvonne Reungoat. “In fact, Don Bosco in founding our Institute, imparted to it a strong missionary characteristic” (C 1) and therefore, we are invited today to “keep alive the missionary fervor of our origins” (C 6).

“Impulse and fervor are pregnant and meaningful nouns; they speak of movement, journey, a pilgrim and essential style, free from all that may retard the course of the Word of salvation. They are interior energy, spiritual strength that urges the proclamation with the typical paresis that characterizes those who let themselves be guided by the Holy Spirit” (Circ. 972).

Here are the names, the Province of origin, and the destination of the 13 New Missionaries coming from 12 Provinces and 4 Continents:


Province of Origin


Sr. Aruldoss Angelina



Sr. Bareh Eugenia



Sr. Bui thi Vu Ngoc Linh Teresa



Sr. Mascarenhas Rita Joaquina


IPI - Porta Palazzo

Sr. Merel Virginie



Sr. Ocarol Maria Concepcion


SPR - Isole Salomone

Sr. Pak Hyun Ju Cecilia



Sr. Sá Cláudia Soraya


ANT - Cuba

Sr. Salvador María del Pilar



Sr. Sutnga Catherine



Sr. Vargas Diazgranados Cristina



Sr. Vásquez Figueroa Lucía Isabel


SLK - Baku

Sr. Velasco María Imelda


BCB - Cuiabá

During the Good Night of December 28, 2017, Mother met with the sisters of the Generalate in Rome and communicated the destination of the thirteen New missionaries, thanking the Sisters of the Missions Sector for accompanying and taking care of them and the Generalate Community for their hospitality, prayer, accompaniment in fraternal life, opening their heart to universality, to new life, and to the commitment to bring the joyful proclamation of the Good News. She then emphasized that “missionary obedience means to accept God’s plan for their life through His mediations. Doing God’s will is always something mysterious because the response to love is surprising and creative and a daily effort to which we must respond with joy”.

Sr. Alaide Deretti, with a letter reached the Provincials of the Provinces of origin and of destination of the New missionaries. She thanked them for the generous ‘Yes’ with which they gave these sisters the possibility of responding to the missionary vocation ad gentes and assured them that with this concrete gesture, sign of a broadened vision (CG23), Mother can give to the indicated Provinces the gift of a New missionary. From the commitment of every Province and from the fruitfulness of their presence and personal and community witness will come a beautiful vocational flowering.

The Councilor wished all the Provinces a fruitful journey and thanked the missionary passion of all the FMA, recalling what GC XXIII asks of us: “Going out, like the disciples of Emmaus, further strengthened in faith and hope, we go with courage and joy to the marginalized youth, in need of the light of the Gospel” (Acts, 62).

The New missionaries will continue their formation journey until the month of June, frequenting some formation courses at the Urbanum Pontifical University, participating in encounters at Mother Ersilia Canta Spirituality House and at the Generalate, and through apostolic experiences in the various mission places.

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08/01/2018 16:19:11 - Sor Luz Consuelo Estrella

Gracias, queridas Inspectoras, que han permitido que hermanas de su inspectoria, pudieran iniciar el camino misionero, la vocación de las discípulas del Señor a seguir detrás de El, gracias a esas 13 hermanas generosas, pido al Señor que le conserve la salud, la generosidad, la alegría del don de sus vidas, le de sabiduría y santidad. Gracias a Madre General que nos envía una misionera con ardor apostólico brasileño, gracias en nombre de toda la inspectoria. y Que el Señor siga suscitando muchas y ardientes vocaciones misioneras.

01/01/2018 07:08:23 - Sr. Yettukuri Alphonsa Maria

Congratulations dear Sisters! We thank you for your missionary availability. All the best dear Sr. Aruldoss Angelina. May the Lord accompany you as you carry Him to the ends of the Earth! God bless you in all your missionary endeavors. Our prayers are always there for you! May Mary, the Mother of God be with you where ever you go!

31/12/2017 09:30:12 - Sr.Crescentia D'Almeida

Congratulations dear Sisters, for your YES to the Lord to be missionaries of hope and joy in your new mission field! Be sure of my prayers for you. I take this chance to wish you a very Happy and grace filled New Year and fruitful mission ahead! May the Good Lord be with you and Our Blessed Mother accompany you wherever you all go! Sr. Crescentia INK

31/12/2017 09:13:57 - Ir. Idalina Mareco

Felizes e agradecidas querida Madre Yvonne pela nova neo missionária para Angola, Sr. Sutnga Catherine. Aproveito para desejar um feliz ano 2018! Louvado seja Deus que nos ama imensamente!

31/12/2017 03:08:50 - Sr. Catherine Altamura, FMA

Grazie Sr. Cecilia per la tua disponibilita' alla chiamata missionaria di cui il Signore te ne ha fatto dono. Ti aspettiamo con cuore e braccia aperte, ma soprattutto preghiamo per te. Buon Anno Nuovo. Le sorelle dell'Ispettoria SEC

30/12/2017 15:32:34 - Fr. Vaclav Klement, SDB

Thanks for the continous missionary flame within the FMA Institute! Congratulations to all 2017 new missionaries. Pray and hope that their living witness will awake many more Sisters to leave their comfort zone and their home country to be available for the Catholic - world mission ad gentes!

30/12/2017 10:14:48 - Ir. Elsa Pulido

Agradecemos a Deus pelas novas vocações missionárias, agradecemos à Madre Ivonne e Ir. Alaide que vendo a necessidade da nossa Visitadoria, saem sempre ao nosso encontro enviando-nos esta vez a Ir. Catherine, a quem saudamos e acolhemos como dom de Deus, seja bem vinda, Ir. Catharine, te esperamos com muito carinho.

29/12/2017 22:45:47 - Maite Arabolaza Serrano - FMA

Felicidades a todas y a cada una. Desde Angola un fuerte abrazo para todas y especialmente para Sr. Sutnga Catherine. Estamos a tua espera. Que Dios os bendiga y acompañe en esta aventura que El os llama a vvir. Rezo e os acompaño con cariño

29/12/2017 20:38:58 - Sr. Celine

May the Lord who had inspired sustain you all with His innovative Spirit and Guide in His loving ways dear sisters.

29/12/2017 11:40:58 - Liliane Kaputo

Il Signore sostenga la vostra missione e Maria vi tenga per mano. In unione di preghiera!

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