Emergenza Filippine

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30/09/2009 - Ma. Luisa Miranda

Queridas hermanas, las acompañamos en estos momentos difìciles para los filipinos. Gracias por ser testigos del amor de Dios con su entrega incondicional.

30/09/2009 - Aspirantado Madre Mazarello

Solidarias con la difícil situación que atraviesan tantos y tantas hermanos/as de Filipinas, ofrecemos nuestra oración. Que la Auxiliadora les haga experimentar su materna cercanía. Hermanas y Aspirantes de Montevideo-Uruguay

29/09/2009 - kathleen taylor

Dear sisters, i just wish to assure you that you are very much in my thoughts and prayers at the very painful time for your people. I am here in Scotland and we are all close to you. Thank you for reaching out and caring for those who have lost everything. With love. sr. Kathleen(Taylor)

29/09/2009 - Sr. Catherine Altamura

Condividiamo con voi ansie e sofferenza. Preghiamo tanto Maria Ausiliatrice che vi faccia sentire il suo potente aiuto e la sua materna tenerezza.

28/09/2009 - Sr. Bing

To all Filipinos, In this time of emergency, I believe that all of us are called to do our part. As we thank God for the blessings bestowed on us, He also calls us to share these blessings. He is not asking us to do something impossible or great. In fact, in the last judgment, Jesus will tell us "in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me" (Matthew 25:40). Let us share our blessings to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. We Filipinos are a very resilient people, sometimes, I think, too resilient for our own good. We will be able to hurdle this experience, but I hope that it will also become for us a moment of growth - to know what are the things that matter most in life, to be able to live responsible citizenship, to extend our love for our families to all our countrymen. Wherever we may be, I know that deep in our hearts, there is a special love for our motherland. We only have one motherland, and she needs us at this moment. God bless us all. Mary, Mother of the Philippines, pray for us.

28/09/2009 - Maike

A Terra vem dando provas significativas de que não aguenta mais... É oportunidade para darmos provas também... de que ainda somos solidários, temos bons sentimentos, sabemos usar nossa razão e abrir nossas mãos. Solidárias com nossos irmãos e irmãs das Filipinas e de outras partes do planeta que estão sendo duramente castigados-provados.

28/09/2009 - Franca

La situazione di emergenza delle Filippine, colpite della tempesta tropicale «Ketsana», non può lasciarci indifferenti. Siamo vicine non solo con la preghiera, ma cercando le modalità in cui renderci solidali.

28/09/2009 - Elisa

Siamo vicine alle fma delle Filippine. Sosteniamo con la nostra preghiera il loro stare a fianco della gente offrendo il loro aiuto e supporto.

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