Con gli occhi e il cuore rivolti al Sudan

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15/01/2011 - andrew wong

Thank you for this news. I wish all the best and God`s blessings on the FMA sisters in Sudan. Their lives and work, their "rethinking" when they discovered the real state of the place are all very inspiring to me. Thank you. I promise to keep you in my prayers.

10/01/2011 - Sr. Wilma de Souza

Dear Salesian Sisters of Sudan, As your country lives through these very crucial days of the referendum that may bring about the division of the country into two States, we want to assure you of our closeness and prayer. May the Spirit of the Lord guide the Sudanese people in expressing their opinion at the referendum so that the outcome may be in accordance with the will of God for the future of Sudan. May God`s blessings be over the entire Sudanese nation. Sr. Wilma de Souza and Sisters of INB

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