Suor Lucy Rose Ozhukayil in Vietnam.

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25/05/2012 - Magdalene

It is so wonderful to see your mission and the flourishing charism of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello in your province. Great work being done for the youth. I congratulate Sr. Teresa, the Provincial, my companion of studies in Rome. I want to wish you all the best! May God and our Blessed Mother continue to guide all the sisters and the activities of your province. Sr. Magdalene Synnah Missionary for Tunisia

24/05/2012 - fmavtn.italia

Chuc mung Bon mang Tinh Dong va Cong doan Duc Huy. Chung em hiep thong voi moi nguoi trong tam tinh va kinh nguyen! Sr.Lucy Rose va Sr.Maria Dilbung da chuyen den chung em loi chao cua cac chi em. Ta on Chua vi cuoc kinh ly da ket thuc tot dep, vuon hoa cua Tu Hoi duoc tiep them nhua song. Hy vong sau nhung ngay tinh tam, Me se co dip gap go va thong tri voi chung em nhieu hon. Hiep nguyen!

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