Aggiornamenti dalle Isole Salomone

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21/02/2013 16:27:51 - 21/2/13 Sr. Mary Tamayo, FMA

Dearest Sisters, , Just now I read the message on internet.!!! What can human words do to alleviate the tragic results of the gigantic earthquake which struck your Islands? My communityn at Provincial house pray for you and all those you are trying to help even in spite of so many obstacles. Only our mighty Lord can alleviate the suffering and remedy the destruction through Good Samaritans througout the world.With intense prayers, Sr. Mary Tamayo, FMA San Antonio, Texas

18/02/2013 03:04:22 - Sr. Roberte Johnson, FMA

Dear Sisters, I am very sorry to hear about the terrible earthquake. May Mary, protect you, the people and especially the young people at every moment! We are united in prayers and love forever, Sr. Roberte, FMA -Canada

16/02/2013 20:20:22 - Sr. Mary Bertha Paquin,F.M.A.

Dear Sisters, I'm so sorry to hear about the earthquake that happened in your place. At this time of sorrow may our dear Blessed Mother give you strength and courage to go on. We are praying for you and your dear People. In our Lady, Sr. Mary Bertha,f.m.a.

16/02/2013 18:42:59 - Kathleen Taylor

Dearest Sisters, I cannot believe that once again you are being hit by a tsunami and earthquakes. It must be very scary for all of you. I am very close to all of you and am praying for you, your families, and the young people. Let us know if we can help in any way. May Mary, keep you safe and shelter all of you with her mantle of protection. With much love. sr. Kathleen

16/02/2013 03:40:49 - Sr. Mary Ann Caspary

Dear Sisters, We are united with you in prayer for yourselves and that you may be able to help the displaced persons and for all the aid to reach there. "Pon tu mano, Madre nostra, pon la duespes que esto paso."

15/02/2013 15:00:48 - Sor Nancy Venegas

Hermanas y pueblo todo de la Isla de Salomón, gracias por las noticias y por todo lo que hacen unos por los otros por aliviar el sufrimiento de esta hora de dolor. Por favor sinetan nuestra cercanía ocn la fraternidad, la oración y la solidaridad. Si sirve, desde aui en Colombia las y lso recordamos y ofrecemos por sus intenciones y necesidades, que desde aqui se mueva todo el resto del universo para salir en ayuda de ustedes nuestros hermanos y hermanas que sufren.

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