Dialogo tra religioni

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05/07/2013 20:19:24 - Sr. Mary Tamayo, FMA

Dear Vides Director and Participants CONGRATULATIONS FOR FOLLOWING THE INSPIRATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND CARRYING OUT THIS WONDERFUL INTER-RELIGIOUS DIALOGUE!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WITNESS OF SOLIDARITY, FRATERNITY, AND CHARITY YOU HAVE DISPLAYED!!! I could perceive that your reunion must have been permeated by God's vital and vibrating presence, filling each one of you with great faith, hope, and love! The world should learn from this prodigious event, how to live their rapport with God and with each other peacefully and transcending all differences. God bless each one of you and your families for the rest of your lives AND FILL IT WITH HIS ETERNAL PRESENCE!!! Cordially in Christ, with prayers for your intentionsSr. Mary Tamayo, FMA

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