Il coraggio della speranza!

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06/11/2013 14:40:51 - Sr. Alice Fulgencio, FMA

Viva Gesu, Sr. Mary! Our communities were not affected, thanks be to God and the constant protection of our Blessed Mother. The only damage was the ceiling in the elementary department building in Minglanilla, Cebu but it is not really much. Yes, the Sisters are really very fast in organizing relief operations networking with many people. The relief operations continue as there are many people who continue to give donations in cash and in goods.

03/11/2013 18:39:46 - Sr. Maryn Tamayo, FMA

Thanks be to God that our Salesian Sisters were present and followed the strong urge of the Holy Spirit to organize the tremendous rescue work and alleviation of all those suffering victims. What about the 5 communities of our Sisters located in the area of the erthquake. Were they affected,had damage in their persons, students, etc. and in their convents and schools? Thank you God for being there!!! With love and grateful prayers, Sister Mary Tamayo, FMA

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