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03/12/2014 07:53:39 - Sr. Yettukuri Alphonsa Maria FMA INM - Chennai, India

The message of Pope Francis, to us the consecrated, is a challenge to live 'our first love' with a passionate zeal. I thank God for the privilege of an year exclusively for the religious. I want to make it an offering unto the Lord by trying to live according to the exhortations of the Holy Father. Let it be so for all the FMA all over the world - With the young, Missionaries of Joy and Hope. Let it be so for all the consecrated men and women in the Church - to bear witness to the joy of freshness and the joy of following Jesus; the joy the Holy Spirit gives us, not the world's joy. May it bear abundant fruit in our personal and community lives and enhance the coming of God's Kingdom into the hearts of all men and women.

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