FMA dell’ispettoria filippina entusiaste per la visita del papa.

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21/01/2015 01:29:37 - Sr. Sue FIL

Viva Gesu`! Sr. Kathleen. We brought you with us spiritually...we felt you were close together with Mother General and all our Sisters the world over. Where the young are, the FMAs are there! JESUS is always present, so much alive in the Church of/with/for the young...the Church of/for/with the poor! Grazie, nostre carissime consorelle del mondo per essere con noi in preghiera e affetto. La nostra gioia e anche vostra! La Madonna ci accompagni sempre ad essere testimoni di gioia ed speranza con i/le giovani!

20/01/2015 15:26:16 - Sr. Kathleen Taylor

Dearest Sisters, As I followed the journey of the Pope I thought of you all and knew how much you were involved and enjoying the visit. I am sorry that it rained so much but I know that it did not dampen your enthusiasm. United in love and prayers. sr. Kathleen

20/01/2015 13:45:19 - sr. ester silva, fma

"You are the sunshine for the Filipino... you are our raincoat in the rain". this is the concluding message of Arch. Bishop Soc Villegas during the Mass with Holy Father. YES , it is true.Pope Francis gives Hope to many of our beloved people. He brings the LOVE AND COMPASSION OF JESUS.

20/01/2015 09:14:36 - Sr. Ravena Dominguez, FMA

Thanks Sr. Debbie. Viva il Papa! evviva!!!

20/01/2015 09:01:44 - Maria Socorro Bacani FMA (FIL)

Thank you, beloved Pope Francis, for visiting our people...for being one with us...for staying with us through the became a credible channel of the tender compassion of God that powerfully breaks upon us, to shine on the darkness of corruption and injustice in our country, to guide our feet into the way of peace, solidarity and communion. We will continue shouting to the whole world "Papa Francisco - Mahal ng Pilipino!" on behalf of the poor, the marginalized, the lonely, the abandoned whom you all love so much!

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