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19/06/2015 22:57:22 - Teresa Devine

The Salesian Sisters in Ireland have a Cosmology Group who study and work towards an understanding of our Mother Earth as our Home and we are charmed that Pope Francis had given the lead with this new encyclical which is calling all the powerful leaders to accountability in terms of how nations are governed and how economics so often takes precedence over general care of our common home Mother Earth. We as a group have organised a day in September (26th) when Fr. Sean Mc Donagh will give input on the document to which he has contributed greatly. He is a light in our Irish Church giving sound leadership in matters that link faith with daily lifestyle. This is the tone that Pope Francis has also adopted. I hope we as FMA can take the message of this encyclical to heart in a whole range of ways that will make a difference in community, with the young and with all who work with us.

19/06/2015 09:44:34 - Sr. Yettukuri Alphonsa Maria (INM)

Long Live Holy Father Pope Francis who so courageously calls Nations and Indiividuals to take up the challenging task of preserving our 'Mother' and 'Sister' Earth! Let us pray that all those responsible may genuinely work accoding to the lines indicated by him so that we can safe guard our planet from all the dangers that threaten her and be able to hand over a 'HAPPY HOME' to our future generations. May we as individuals and communities in schools, families, the media and the churches help to reshape habits and behavior so that overcoming individualism, we may change our lifestyles and consumer choices and thus inspire those who wield political, economic and social power to preserveour 'Mother Earth'.

19/06/2015 02:46:45 - irmã Ercilde Moratelli, BPA

Obrigada Papa Francisco pelo riqueza oferta com a seunda enciclica 'Laudato sì'. Quanta propriedade ao descrever as condições humanas para parar de ferir a vida do Planeta com vista ao bem e a defesa da vida humana! Deus e Maria Mãe Santissima lhe sejam de coragem, força e luz cada dia... Preces diárias nas intenção do Santo Padre.

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