A new community at Nizza

A new community at Nizza

Nizza Monferrato (Italy). The new community of St. Mary Mazzarello for the sick and elderly sisters has been born at the Motherhouse of Nizza Monferrato, in Mary Help of Christians Province of Piedmont and Val d’Aosta (IPI).
On Saturday, September 5, the FMA Provincial of the Piedmont Province, Sr. Elide Degiovanni, before reading the Letter of Decree of the Superior General, Mother Yvonne Reungoat authorizing the opening of the new community dedicated to St. Mary Mazzarello in the area of the restructured Institute, said, “Today, something new is born in Nizza…”
This expression brought joy to the Sisters of the Motherhouse and their guests who arrived from Turin and other areas of Piedmont to share the feast that colours the future of the Institute at Nizza Monferrato with hope.  It is the birth of Mother Mazzarello Community formed by some Sisters from the Motherhouse with the contribution of the elderly and sick Sisters who lived in the nearby St. Joseph ex-Novitiate.  Another motive for joy was the remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Mother Angela Vespa House in which many FMA were received and lovingly cared for.

The presence of Bishop Piergiorgio Micchiardi, rendered this an event in communion with the Church of Acqui that saw the beginnings of the Institute in Mornese and its prodigious growth at Nizza, which for fifty years (1879-1929) was the Generalate and is rightly called the Motherhouse.  The Bishop blessed the new Chapel that has as the background a brilliantly coloured stained-glass window, with the tabernacle at the centre, and the altar situated on an artistic wrought iron base modelled after the design of Massimo Ricci, a Nizza painter, in harmony with the plan of the artist Maria Pia of the Ave Artistic Centre of Loppiano, Florence.

The Mayor, Flavio Pesce, well-represented the city of Nizza ever-close to the great House, familiarly called “the Madonna”.  Don Bosco Choir represents the musical pillar of the Institute’s festive moments, and solemnized the Eucharistic con-celebration presided by the Bishop.
Under the direction of the Choirmaster, Luca Cavallo, with the accompaniment of the organist, David Borrino, masterfully directed the Liturgical hymns and especially a very touching ‘Ave Maria’. 

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, Sr. Nanda Filippi, outgoing economer of the Piedmont Province who had consistently followed the progress of the work, traced out the history of these eight years.  The objective was to make the Motherhouse welcoming, functional, and beautiful for the oldest Sisters, who are the living memory of the past, a gift of wisdom called to guard the treasure of this House in communion with the Sisters responsible for the School.

She then thanked everyone: the engineer George Colletti, intelligent projector of the re-structuring of the House; the tireless director of work, Giuseppe Reale; the personnel of the various stores that intervened in the work and had their representatives at the celebration; the nurses of the ‘Harmony’ Cooperative’ that manages assistance to the sick Sisters.  She gave particular thanks to Sr. Giuseppina Molino, Animator of the House, who in these years was always present at the building site, adding touches of beauty and good taste in every nook and corner.
A time of fraternity followed the Eucharistic celebration and gave an opportunity to meet with the people present at the feast.



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21/09/2015 18:53:54 - S. Ma. Luz Monroy

Me uno a su alegría queridas Hermanas. No dudo que la casa será acogedora para nosotras las que ya somos mayores y nos preparamos al encuentro definitivo con nuestro Señor. Bendito sea Dios que nuestro amado Instituto busca lo mejor para dar calidad de vida a nuestras hermanas mayores o enfermas. Ofrezcamos todo para que el Señor nos mande nuevas y santas vocaciones.

19/09/2015 16:08:50 - Ir. Maria Helena de Loiola

Deve ser um lugar de muitas recordações e alegrias. Que Deus abençoe essa nova casa e as nossas Irmãs anciãs que já deram tanto ao Instituto, possam sentir-se bem e continuar sustentando as nossas obras com as suas orações!

16/09/2015 16:31:49 - flavia

Auguri per la nuova casa e la mia preghiera per chi la abiterà... sorelle e madri di esperienza di vita...un abbraccio

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