Educommunication and Evangelizing Mission

Educommunication and Evangelizing Mission

Cochabamba (Bolivia). The Provincials and Provincial Coordinators for Youth Pastoral and for Social Communications of the various Countries of the Bolivian Nations gathered together in Our Lady of Peace Province at Cochabamba, Bolivia, from April 29 to May 3, 2016, for a formation encounter of the Interprovincial Conference of the Bolivian Nations (CINAB), on the theme, “Educational Mission of the FMA: Place of Encounter for Fullness of Life”.
It was an extraordinary opportunity to actualize the guidelines of General Chapter XXIII and to walk together toward a convergent animation that is incisive in the Provinces and touches the heart of the young people today.
The opening of the meeting had the young people as protagonists as they presented a popular traditional dance, motivating the participants to place themselves in an attitude of searching.  The young are the reason for the educational mission and the sacred place of encounter with God.

Sr. Silvia Boullosa, Visiting Councillor and Reference person for CINAB was present and accompanied the encounter.  In her greetings, she reminded us that the realities are diverse and complex and are a challenge for educators and consecrated persons.  She then invited everyone to live co-responsibly and share animation in the educational mission with hope and joy.

Sr. Edith Franco, President of CINAB and Provincial of the Bolivian Province, welcomed everyone and encouraged them to share among themselves and with the Lord who is present and accompanies them with His Word.

Sr. Runita Borja, Councillor for the Youth Pastoral, and Sr. Maria Helena Moreira, Councillor for the Communications Department, presented the objectives shared at the encounter:

  • Promote and reinforce co-responsible  animation in the educational mission; 
  • Reflect together on the identity and role of the YP and SC Coordinators to promote interdepartmental action;
  • Reinforce coordination for communion for an animation in synergy between the YP and SC Coordinators


They emphasized that every FMA is an educator who forms herself for the educational mission and at the same time, the very mission forms and transforms.  On the other hand, the icon and the Biblical text were the guides in these days.  It was the passage of the disciples of Emmaus (Luke 24: 13-35), lived in three phases:

-    In the narration of the story
-    In Dialogue
-    The journey continues

They were days in which we let ourselves be involved by some questions: How to animate?  What does the provincial community expect from us?  Why is it so hard to reach the heart of the young people?  How can we really become Salesian educommunicators, bringing the Good News of the Gospel through words and actions?

Sr. Leonor Salazar, Vides Delegate, moderated the presentation of the themes and the provincial and Interprovincial group work.

The themes of the encounter were: the face of the YP and SC Departments; the educommunicative and evangelizing mission, charismatic and educommunicative intention; animation; formation and management; production – operative processes and choices; invitation to ‘go out’.

Every FMA is an educator everywhere the Lord calls her to work.  The educational mission is the place of daily encounter with God, the young, the laity, the collaborators, the parents, and our sisters.  As YP and SC Coordinators, we are called to revive the passion of an Oratorian heart to guarantee the formation of an animation nucleus that witnesses Christian and charismatic life in every educational area, and thus facilitate the realization of an educommunicative ecosystem in the vision of the Preventive System.

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22/05/2016 04:29:56 - Lupe Erazo- ECU

Muchas gracias por este encuentro fecundo, nos motiva y orienta a una Misión compartida, gracias a cada hermana por su solidaridad y oración con nuestro país, un gracias especial la acogida y fraternidad de las Hermanas de Bolivia, en especial de la Casa Provincial personalizada en la inspectora Sor Edith Franco, mediante cada una de sus delicadezas y la alegría que favoreció el encuentro.

20/05/2016 23:25:09 - María Teresa Baldivia

Un saludo cariñoso desde La Paz, Bolivia, en nombre de la Comunidad del Kínder María Auxiliadora de Obrajes, agradecemos a las queridas Hermanas participantes en CINAB, gracias por su presencia en nuestra querida Inspectoría donde las hemos acogido con mucho cariño y preparado este tiempo de gracia con la oración y ofrecimiento. Gracias por su testimonio y espíritu de familia. Seguimos unidas en las oraciones pidiendo al Señor bendiga a nuestra querida Madre Yvonne Reungoat y a las Inspectorías bolivarianas. Una bendición especial para Sor Silvia Bullosa, referente para la CINAB. FELIZ FIESTA DE NUESTRA MADRE Y REINA MARÍA AUXILIADORA.

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