“No Commission is an island” but if it is the Island of Sardegna!

“No Commission is an island” but if it is the Island of Sardegna!

Alghero (Italy). On June 14-18, the meeting of the Italian Economic Commission took place at Alghero in Sardegna in St. John Bosco Province, Rome (IRO).

This was a first evaluation of the Administrators’ Course and of planning the module for the second meeting that will take place in October.  It articulated the works with the intention of proceeding in an efficacious manner in this decisively important formative journey. 
Sr. Pina Molino recounts the work of the Commission:  “From the small airplane window as it begins its descent, already one is aware that the choice of place will make the work to be done less fatiguing and even pleasant.  An optimum introduction to the days was the Lectio Divina of Msgr. Mauro Morfino, Bishop of Alghero, on the text of St. Paul to the Ephesians, 6: 10-20, on the spiritual armour or clothing needed to be “Completely of Christ” and live the apostolic mission to which we have been called.

It is a morning of spiritual restoration, which besides toning the soul, shook our will and reinforced in us the desire to give our best to be credible signs.  With six very incisive metaphors, Msgr. Morfino delineated the armour to put on to fight a battle that may seem unequal to the war-like and cunning reality that surrounds us: “Cincture of truth” that transforms itself into coherence; “Armour of justice” lived as passion for the Kingdom; “Boots on the feet” to be ready to announce the Gospel in peace; Shield of faith as the only possibility for good discernment; “the Helmet of salvation”: only with Him can we feel secure; and the “Sword of the Spirit that preserves the Word in us, the only conquering arms.  In summary, we must entrust ourselves to God, the true combatant and winner in the disciple!

Precious were the presences of Sr. Angela Maccioni, referent Provincial of the commission; of Sr. Alessandra Smerilli as expert; and Sr. Anna Razionale, national coordinator.  They guided us with determination and experience.

Around the table, awareness that the journey undertaken is decisively demanding and cannot be disconnected from the study of other key persons became ever clearer.  The work was enriched by sharing and facing other themes that are more and more urgent for the good management of our works through which we have determined to maintain alive the charism even in the fatigue of this historical time that we are living.
The journey begun years ago still presents itself as long and fraught with many arguments to eviscerate, but the words of Don Bosco console and encourage us: “The good must be done well”.  Thus, with calendar in hand, we plan for the next meetings of 2016-2017.  Before concluding, we give ourselves a beautiful Sardinian afternoon.  The sky accompanies us with a sun that splendidly colours the natural beauty of the island.

We explore a nook not far from Alghero, but enough to fill our eyes and heart with marvels.  For those who have come here for the first time, there is immense awe; for those who already know this reality, their memories are refreshed with a brushstroke that is good for the spirit.  This is the visit guided by Fr. Gianpiero to the Cathedral and the Episcopate: a dive into history, art, and the desire to conserve and share corners of beauty, which, with their majesty, and at the same time, their essential nature, raise our heart on high like the experience of the Jubilee lived in the Sanctuary of Valverde.

We bid each other farewell after three day of intense work that was not easy, yet serene, and, above all, shared and communally oriented to a deep reflection on the necessity and urgency of an ever better management of our works to give them the possibility of surviving and continuing to do good to the young.  The Commission will meet again in September in Veneto.  Thus, we entrust ourselves from now to St. Joseph, Don Bosco, and Mother Mazzarello, and also to the ‘Saint’ so that they may bless our work and make it efficacious and fruitful.


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