Solidarity of little drops

Solidarity of little drops

Yet again, the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians has experienced that many drops put together make a lovely puddle of water for more than one person to enjoy.

In fact, on October 27, Mother Yvonne Reungoat was able to submit to Italian Caritas, earthquake section, the large sum of 150,000 euro, fruit of the generosity from about thirty provinces, from the initiatives of some communities, and from various generous private benefactors.

Italian Caritas has always met the needs of Institute emergencies and the sisters are happy this time to be able to contribute to the great effort of the Church in dealing with this destruction caused by the earthquake in the area of Central Italy.

As I communicated following the powerful shocks of August 24, even the recent earthquake of October 26 did not strike the FMA houses because they are no longer present in this area. Even these last few days have provoked much destruction and left 4,000 people homeless. The first shock at 7 PM alerted the population that providentially went out into the streets so that the next shock at 9PM, stronger and more destructive, did not have any victims. A very deep and impressive fracture marked the emergence of a new fault line, kilometers long, showing the disruptive energy that is ripping apart the Italian Apennines, pushing one part toward the sea.

It is very sad to see the that the greater part of the historical and artistic patrimony of these towns has been irreparably destroyed, changing forever the economy of the zone that enjoyed tourism tied to an ancient and traditional world. These towns will rise again, but they must invent another future.

The generous gift with which the FMA have participated as Institute in this trial, will contribute to building the future of the families that have lost the precious wealth of their home in the earthquake.

We heartily thank them for their active and generous sharing and we will continue to donate in a secure way, the offerings that may still come for this purpose.

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29/10/2016 23:55:29 - Sr Marialuisa Panarotto

Dall´Ammazonia, Ispettoria Laura Vicunã , stiamo acompagnando con la nostra preghiera ci uniamo a tanta gente che soffre. Bello il gesto della Madre ...le gocce sono importante messe assieme sono una forza....Unite con la nostra fraterna preghiera!

29/10/2016 18:40:59 - Sr. Pasqualina Poccia

Anche l'oceano è fatto di infinite gocce... Il molto o il poco che si dona, non ha importanza, quello che conta è che non manchi la nostra "goccia".

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