Mother’s visit to RD Congo

Mother’s visit to RD Congo

(RD Congo). The Mother General of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, is visiting “Our Lady of Africa” Province in Central Africa (AFC), on the occasion of the 90 years of FMA presence in the Congo.

After participating at Sakania in the Celebrations for the commemoration and feast for the 90 years of FMA presence in the Congo, she began her pilgrimage to the various realities: Mokambo, Kafubu, Ruashi, and Kinshasa to meet the FMA, the educating communities, groups of the Salesian Family, children and young people of the various educational environments.

On November 7, 2016, Mother General gives the Good Morning at Sakania to the children of the primary school.  “When you are happy, you learn easily.  Become friends of Jesus and among yourselves, and study with joy”.  Then the children sang to her, “I entrust them to you”.  Mother left the Bible as a gift and releases a dove as a sign of ‘Good bye’ and an invocation of peace for all the Congolese people.
During the morning, she arrives at Mokambo where she is greeted with songs and traditional dances by the students of the nursery school, the primary and professional schools who in different ways give Mother their greeting and give her a gift to say thank you.  She meets with the young people of the SYM and the educating community who give Mother the map of RD Congo made with a precious stone of the Congo.  Mother Yvonne gives a Bible to the members of the Educating Community and greets the children.  In the evening, she returns to Lubumbashi.

On the morning of the 8th Mother Yvonne meets with the community animators.  She has a very enriching and concrete dialog with them on community life.  Mother always has words that are clear, that orient, and that stimulate to go ahead and always seek what is truly good.

In the afternoon, she arrives at the community of Kafubu, who receive her with joy.  A student expresses words of welcome, interpreting the characteristics of an African welcome with symbols proper to the Congolese culture:  flour poured over Mother’s hands as a sign of blessing; the soil placed at her feet with the wish for a journey illuminated by the Lord and the good sown in the 90 years of educational and charismatic work; flowers, symbol of joy and of gratitude.

A group of girls perform a typical dance to the sound of the tamtam, while Mother walks to the High School where she is invited to take her place under the trees in flower.
In the large courtyard, another African dance is performed that shows the artistic potential of the young students of Kwesu High School.  They offer Mother a picture in remembrance of her visit.  After, she speaks to the students of Kwesu High School and of Shibukeni school.  In her discourse, Mother Yvonne speaks to the young people of the importance of making good choices in life; of being docile to the formation they receive from the sisters, and of cultivating an intimate friendship with Jesus.  Then she speaks to the girls and invites them to listen to Jesus who could be giving them a special call to follow Him on the road of religious life in the spirit of the Salesian charism.
A professor of the High School says words of greeting to Mother who receives them and responds by expressing her thank you for the serious and fruitful educational work that is accomplished in collaboration with the FMA for the girls who frequent the Salesian schools.

The encounter ended in a climate of joy and festivity.  Mother is then accompanied to the Novitiate where she is enthusiastically welcomed by Novices, Aspirants, and Postulants.  Mother meets with the Temporary Professed of the Province, who are happy to be able to know her personally.
At 6: 00 PM, Mother Yvonne meets with the Bishop of Sakania-Kipushi, Msgr. Gaston Ruvezi, at the Archbishopric, which concludes with a time of conviviality with the diocesan priests of the Valle of Kafuku, the Salesians of Valle of Kafubu, and the sisters of the communities of Mary Help of Christians and St. Joseph.

On November 9, 2016, she leaves for Lumbumbashi Ruashi, where the FMA of various Province realities are there to meet her.  Mother speaks to them in a moment of fraternal welcome and conviviality.  In the afternoon, she meets the youth groups.  Riding in a nice car, she arrives at the place of encounter with the young who celebrate with enthusiasm and creativity.

On November 10, Mother meets the families of the sisters and the Past Pupils as the visit winds down to a close.  On the 11th, she visits the area of Kinshasa and then returns to Rome on November 15, 2016.



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13/11/2016 11:49:22 - Janine Pernoud

Merci à Mère Yvonne et à toutes les Soeurs, spécialement celles que je reconnais sur les photos. Je continue de rendre grâce au Seigneur pour les magnifiques années passées dans cette Mission du Zaïre, avec des jeunes dynamiques. Je m'en nourris encore aujourd'hui. De tout coeur avec vous toutes. Sr Janine Pernoud

11/11/2016 17:41:48 - Suzanne

Je rends grâce au Seigneur et me réjouis que Mère Yvonne ait pu aller rendre visite aux Sœurs, aux jeunes à la Famille Salésienne de la R.D.C. J'imagine la joie des Sœurs et des jeunes en formation qui ont maintenant la joie de la connaître ! Que le Seigneur bénisse cette belle Province et donne la Paix à ce pays. Sr. Suzanne Blais

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