A November dedicated to the economy

A November dedicated to the economy

Rome (Italy). For the past month, the FMA Generalate was the ‘economic’ heart of the Institute, because a formation course took place there, October 30 – November 17, for 33 new bursars and 18 – 25 November, the word encounter of provincial bursars, attended by 81 Sisters, two of whom were guests. Only two provinces were unable to attend.  
The Formation Course, animated by the Bursar General and her team, with the contribution of some experts in the fields of finance, commerce and development, offered a wide ranging vision of their area of competence, along with specific formation that can guide these Sisters in their service to the province. The atmosphere created by the participants was one of intense commitment, characterized by great unity of intent and of work. This allowed for very worthwhile exchange of ideas and of worthwhile content. The group was marked by its family spirit and cheerfulness, which lightened the commitment, despite the intensity of reflection, inspired by the centrality of the person, and ever respectful of the dynamics of the economic reality.
The World Encounter involved eight full days of very fruitful work. The objective was of reflect on the Guidelines that the Institute, following the indications from the Church, wants to offer to all provinces and especially to the bursars, so that the management of goods may be inspired by the charism, at  the service of life and mission in every situation.  
The observations of the 10 working groups on the draft of the Guidelines will be integrated into the definitive version of the text which, with the approval of Mother Yvonne and the Council, will become part of the legislation proper to the Institute.
Great appreciation was expressed for the presentation of the platform for a computerised and synthetic management of economic and financial data that will allow for up-to-date and shared collaboration between communities, works, provinces and the centre of the Institute, while respecting the normal autonomy and levels of responsibility. The details of this platform have still to be structured, and it will be applied to our realities gradually. Other interventions from experts and in particular the daily accompaniment and attentive, active participation of Mother Yvonne, gave everyone security and confidence in the process.
The high level of participation by the bursars, the atmosphere of deep and passionate searching, the hearts ever attentive to our mission among young people, especially the poorest, the attention to the Holy Spirit, and the guidance of Mother Yvonne, helped everyone to experience a genuine sense of belonging to the Institute in its present reality but also in the richness of its internationality.  The attentive, generous and sisterly hospitality of the communities of the Generalate and Sacro Cuore increased the family atmosphere.
The joyful experience of the 33 Sisters who have completed this encounter with a pilgrimage to Mornese and the places of our origins was a beautiful expression of our living as bursars in the heart of Salesian spirituality.
We leave stronger and happier, determined to advance in communion and solidarity, for the good and growth of the Kingdom.

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05/12/2016 15:38:38 - Stella

Felicitaciones a quienes han tenido la iniciativa de este encuentro. Es muy importante que las Ecónomas reciban las directrices del Centro, la formación específica y la guía de la Madre. En este campo hay mucho para aprender porque cada vez se vuelve más complejo. Ahora nos toca a cada FMA acoger este tesoro que nos traen nuestras Ecónomas.

01/12/2016 22:31:45 - Sr Luisa Moscoso

Gracias Instituto por estar presente en el campo tan discutido hoy en el mundo entero. A las ecónomas os deseamos una linda tarea entre quienes queremos avanzar con una "mirada amplia" en favor de los jóvenes sobre todo los más pobres

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