Website and questionnaire for the Synod on the Young 2018

Vatican City. On June 14, 2017 the Secretary General of the Bishops’ Synod announced the opening of a Website in preparation for the XV Ordinary Bishops General Assembly on the theme: The Young, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment. It will be celebrated in October of 2018. The internet Website is available at the address: and is aimed at promoting broad, aware, and involved youth participation, not only by receiving eventual information about the synod event, but above all by interacting and participating in the journey of preparation.

During the Prayer Vigil in preparation for World Youth Day 2017, in the Basilica of St. Mary Major, Pope Francis said: “A Synod in which no young person should feel excluded! (Someone may say:) But…we do the Synod for Catholic youth… for young people who belong to Catholic associations, then it will be stronger…”. No! The Synod is the Synod for all young people! The young are the protagonists. But even the young who feel they are agnostics? Yes! Even the young whose faith is lukewarm? Yes! Even the young who are far from the Church? Yes! Even the young, I don’t know if there are any…maybe there are some – who feel they are atheists? Yes! This Synod is for the Young and we want to listen to them. Every young person has something to say to the others, has something to say to adults, has something to say to priests, sisters, bishops, and to the Pope! We all need to listen to you”.

The Website will give visibility to information, knowledge, experiences, initiatives in which the young people are the protagonists. The Site includes an online questionnaire addressed directly to the young, between 16 and 29 years of age, in various languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). The aim is to provide an opportunity for their voice to be heard, their sensitivity, their desires, but also their fears, their doubts, and their criticisms; to express themselves, to tell who they are and what they want to know about themselves. Through the proposed questions, the young can present themselves, say how they see themselves and the world around them; how they live relationships with others and how they situate themselves regarding life choices. They are asked to express themselves regarding their rapport with religion, faith, and the Church. The final series of questions focus attention on their presence on the web.

The answers must arrive at the Secretary General by November 30 2017. They will be analyzed in an anonymous way. If the young people want to leave a contact, the Synod Secretary will keep them informed about the final results and on the presentation initiatives of the picture of the new generations who contributed to delineate it with their answers.

The material gathered will be useful for the Synod event because it will be an integral part of the broad consultation that the Secretary General is carrying out of the people of God at all levels.

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24/06/2017 06:24:21 - Sr. Alice Chacko

I am really excited about the forth coming synod for young people. I wish to get involved fully and do all I can to accompany the young people. God bless and may the Spirit inspire all those involved in this great event of the church. Our Holy Father is our model for being loving, active and passionate for the young

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