Present to witness and share

Present to witness and share

Sr. Candida Aspesi

The possibility of communicating with sisters, youth, collaborators, and each person who accesses our web site, gives me joy and makes me feel part of a great family, a citizen of the world who each day desires to become more beautiful, just, and united.  The dream of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians is that of contributing to the good of all and everyone:  the common good.

We are living in a favorable season.

Yes, favorable because of the numerous challenges of today, the situations of uncertainty and of fear, the old and new poverties that especially regard the world of youth are a call to essentiality, to a humble and simple style of life that has the power of coloring life and of bringing a perspective of care, of responsibility, of awe for little things, of attention to nuances, to  detail, of the commitment to live one’s very ‘self’ as a ‘hospitable self’ and in coherent solidarity.
The virtue of sobriety renews our passion for God and our compassion for the young, and for every creature.

In the face of the multitudes who suffer indigence and abandonment, helping them is a duty of justice even before it is an act of charity, as the Pope emphasized in his Lenten Message.  The Scriptures teach us that in this regard there is more joy in giving than in receiving. (Cf. Acts, 20, 35)
When we act with love, we express the truth of our being.  In fact, we have not been created for ourselves but for God and for our sisters and brothers. (Cf. 2 Corinthians 5, 15)  Every time we share our goods with our needy neighbors for the love of God, we experience the fullness of life that comes from love and all returns to us as a blessing of peace, of interior satisfaction, and of joy.  (Cf. Pope’s Lenten Message 2008)

The present is a time that belongs to us, a time of grace to witness to the foreseeing love of the Father.  Only a heart that loves can understand and share.  Only a heart that sees needs, difficulties, lacks as a call to act and to pray, can perceive the many signs of hope sown along the day that serve to nourish a strong love (Benedict XVI – Hope Saves)

In summary, it deals with expressing today, in union with and in continuity of Mary’s maternity as our specific mission in the church and in the Salesian Family. 
The feast of St. Joseph in the month of March, stimulates me to invoke him so that his fatherly presence in the family of Nazareth may be prolonged as a discrete and wise paternity for many children and young people who are often deprived of an authentic paternal figure.

Happy day and holy continuation of Lent as we journey toward the joy of Easter.

Audionline: Present to witness and share

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