Message for the Feast of Mary Help of Christians

Message for the Feast of Mary Help of Christians Dearest Sisters,

Upon returning home from my visit to Ireland , I found the many messages with which you desired to reach me to express your wishes on the occasion of the liturgical celebrations of St.Mary Domenica Mazzarello and Mary Help of Christians.
I celebrated the feast of our Co-foundress in Ireland , rejoicing in the affection of the Sisters and young people who they care for in educational and promotional service.
Mary Domenica, the young woman who Don Pestarino had presented to Don Bosco as an ardent, simple and transparent woman, today enjoys much affection for these characteristic gifts. She finds herself well in our communities and in the midst of the younger generations and thanks all the Sisters who commit themselves to reproduce the Mornesian environment of the origins.
This commitment is dynamic and efficacious when we do not allow the flame of the love of God to die out, when we are attentive in creating an atmosphere in which Mary Help of Christians lives in our community, walks through our house, leads us to encounter Jesus and to make Him known to others.

In the letter of convocation for GC XXII we ask ourselves: “Who, more than Mary, can help us during this time in history ‘ to guide our lives decisively to Christ' (C 79) so that they may be a sign and expression of the all-foreseeing love of God”? Her mission of Help of Christians accompanies us in the commitment to travel the ways of the Spirit and to collaborate in generating life in the heart of the young people entrusted to us”.

This year the Feast of Mary Help of Christians falls on the vigil of the solemnity of Corpus Domini. May the Mother of Love, Mary, guide us to encounter the source of Love, to recognize and love Jesus who wanted to remain with us forever in the Eucharist, the greatest Sign of love and of fidelity to God.
May Don Bosco and Mary Domenica help us to be a living monument of gratitude to Mary Help of Christians, where every stone is polished by the sweetness of the love that becomes service for the life of so many young people.

In the Basilica dedicated to Mary Help of Christians that is almost completely restored, let us entrust intentions for our religious Family that has been enriched by new FMA and that is preparing
To celebrate General Chapter XXII, for the Salesian Family and the educating communities, for our dear ones and the families of young people and for the whole world. According to the request of Benedict XVI we entrust China to Our Lady in a particular way. Thank you, because I know that the prayer of entrustment for China, in union with the Catholics of the whole world, will conclude a novena of prayer marked by the intentions proposed by the Rector Major to all of Don Bosco's Family.

During this month rich in Salesian feasts we also celebrate the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Feast of the Visitation concludes the month of May…there are so many reasons to live in love, to respond generously to His call in everyday life, to give it, in turn, with solicitude and hope in the unexpected situations of today.

Rome , May 24, 2008

Sr. Antonia Colombo

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