Emergency in Georgia

Emergency in Georgia Tbilisi (Georgia). During recent days the tension between Russia and Georgia has undergone an escalation that brought Russian bombardments to Georgian cities. Political and economic motives, the control of the independent Ossetia part of Georgia and power demonstrations of Russia over Georgia have made it difficult to negotiate. During the Sunday Angelus even the Holy Father invited those involved to “resolutely take up the way of negotiating and respectful and constructive dialogue, in order to avoid further lacerating suffering for those dear people.”
Our Sisters of the pre-province of Mother of God (Eastern Europe and Georgia) have written telling us that for the moment in the Tbilisi area (where their community is located) all are safe and there have not been bombardments, even though the military presence in the city has increased.  The international airport is not functioning and therefore it is difficult for even the Vides volunteers to leave the country.  The journey to peace is still long and requires commitment and prayer.

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