Direct from the Chapter

Direct from the Chapter Rome (Italy).  By now we are quickly approaching General Chapter XXII, an important event for every FMA in the world, a moment of reflection and invocation of the Holy Spirit in order to project the Institute towards the forthcoming years.
During the period covering September 1 to November 15, our website, therefore, will be modified in order to allow everyone to follow and comment upon the Chapter events as they occur here in Rome. The new section, properly called Direct from the Chapter, will be accessible from the homepage. It will be full of Chapter news divided into news briefs, interviews, and press releases. One can directly enter the section in the Data Bank which will contain downloadable documents from the Chapter, as well as the section of the Photo Gallery with photos of the most significant Chapter events. Several news articles and interviews will by accompanied by video or audio clips, which will enable all to feel closer to the events which we will try to transmit as they occur.
But we also request your partcipation. There is a Comments section in which each person may express herself, sharing her ideas and impressions on the proposed arguments.
The e-mailing of the newsletter will be more frequent, dependent on the number of news items that we insert daily.
All that is needed now is to await together the beginning of this new adventure.

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