Interview with Eremita Gesser

Interview with Eremita Gesser

Sr.  Eremita Gesser, whose province of origin is Brazil,  Porto Alegre (BPA), has been a missionary in Mozambique since 1995.   She is presently working in the province of St. John Bosco, that has its headquarters in Maputo.
She arrived in Brazil at the beginning of October to visit her family and to celebrate 25 years of religious life.  At the beginning of November, Sr. Eremita was at  Belchior Alto (municipality of  Gaspar), in Santa Catarina, to spend a few days with her family and to celebrate the feast.  During the preparation for the celebration of her 25th with the people of the place, Sr. also Erenita animated a few vocational meetings.  One was in the city of Luis Alves and the other at  Massaranduba, both in the State of Santa Catarina. The day was supposed to be celebrated on November 23rd in the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Belchior Alto. It had been raining throughout the region for almost four months, something that had never happened before.  It was here that the great calamity of the flooding took place.  Sr. Eremita could not celebrate her anniversary as she had planned.  The region where her family lived and where she had also been on November 20,21,and 22, was violently stricken by the mudslides and then the rains.  Sr. Eremita was called to another mission, to be with the victims of the tragedy, a refugee together with other refugees.

What did it mean for you to undertake a journey from Mozambique to Brazil to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of your religious profession ? 

It had been my desire to celebrate my 25th with my family because it was my family that had supported me before I became a religious and then in my time of being a missionary.  My family helped me much during these years, collaborating materially with the people of Mozambique who suffer.  And this was not only my natural family, but also the people of Belchior Alto.  Even though it is a small village with an economy based on agriculture and the production of furniture, the people of Belchior always had great attention for the activities of evangelization.  I was invited several times to speak of the reality of Mozambique at meetings of third age groups, the groups of the Legion of Mary and the Mothers’ Clubs.  And the community always gave me with a monetary offering for the FMA works in Mozambique.  For this reason I wanted to celebrate my 25 years of religious life with them.  It was a form of gratitude and recognition for these people who had always been my people.

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