Cultivate Communion

Rome (Italy). On March 4-16, 2019 the FMA Generalate in Rome is hosting a formation meeting for the Provincial Secretaries that is intercultural and interdisciplinary.

There are 14 FMA participants coming from the Provinces of Europe, Latin America, and Asia. They are studying the mission of the Secretary according to established objectives:

- Strengthen professional skills for an appropriate implementation of the specific service of Secretary (cf. FMA Constitutions FMA 155).

- Study the ‘spirituality of the Secretary’ to enter into a vision of synthesis between professional competence and service to the Provincial community in the Salesian style.

- Contribute to increasing historical sensitivity and the responsibility that we have, as people and as a community, for the history and continuity of the charism in the various socio-cultural and ecclesial contexts.

- Know the reference persons with whom to interact and be acquainted with the organization of the Secretariat.

- Deepen or create networks of interprovincial and world communication for a reciprocal sharing at the service of communion.

The meeting was animated by the Secretary General, Sr. Piera Cavaglià and by the collaborators of the General Secretariat. It takes place in an atmosphere of Salesian communion and joy, through a methodology of personal involvement and active participation, of listening and research, of open sharing and exchange. The days are marked by the alternation of: presentations, personal reflection, guided workshops, knowledge of the Provinces of origin, meetings with the General Councilors, times of prayer and fraternity.

On March 6 Mother General, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, met with the Secretaries and spoke to them about the meaning of their role and task at the service of the Institute’s mission. “Your mission is to be a ‘bridge’ between the Provinces and the General Council, between the Province and the communities, and you carry it out day after day, with a Salesian heart, to build networks and bridges of connection and communion”.

Mother dwelled at length on the possibility for each one to live this services as an opportunity of vocational growth and of the development of attitudes of gratuity, hiddenness, contemplation in action. "It is important not to feel you are just a functionary in an organization, but that you are participants in the apostolic mission of the Institute, committed to living the DA MIHI ANIMAS CETERA TOLLE".

She underlined some characteristics of the Provincial Secretary for carrying out her service in a style of communion: collaboration, prudence, and secrecy. "This requires a journey of asceticism to be lived in the joyful awareness that this time and this mission are a gift of God for each one's life".

On March 13, the Secretaries will have the joy of having the Mass celebrated in the Rooms of Don Bosco at Sacred Heart Basilica in Rome. Then they will visit the Community of Mother of the Church Preprovince (RMC): Mother Angela Vespa and Mother Mazzarello ‘Auxilium’, Mother Ersilia Canta, and Sr. Teresa Valsé.

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